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HSS List: Higher Secondary Schools in Trivandrum 'HSS Kerala' School Code, Taluk

Complete list of Higher Secondary Schools (HSS) in Trivandrum Dist. Know your nearest schools to get earlier admission in your favorite higher second

Complete list of Higher Secondary Schools (HSS) in Trivandrum Dist. Know your nearest schools to get earlier admission in your favorite higher secondary subject in your neighbourhood.

Higher Secondary Schools in Thiruvananthapuram District, Trivandrum HSS pixabay

Higher Secondary Schools in Trivandrum

HSS List: Higher Secondary Schools in Thiruvananthapuram District 'HSS Kerala' School Code, Taluk

Complete list of Higher Secondary Schools (HSS) in Trivandrum Dist., Plus Two Science, Computer Science, Commerce, Commerce with Computer Applications (Computer Commerce), Humanities, Journalism and more subject combinations.

Finding a Higher Secondary School (HSS) near your home in the Trivandrum region is just as important as choosing a Best Higher Secondary Course in Kerala. Getting admission to your nearest school means a student can save plenty of time and money from unwanted travelling. On this page, you can find the full list of HSS / Higher Secondary Schools in Thiruvananthapuram District along with School Code, School Type and Taluk. We hope you can find the Best Educational Institutions in Kerala, and Trivandrum from the below list.

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From the list below, you can find the nearest Higher Secondary Schools in Trivandrum District. This list Includes: School code, School Name & Address, School type, and Taluk Name. You can also view the complete course / second language options details of each school by clicking the school code.

School Code School Name, Address School Type Taluk Name
1001 Govt. Model Boys HSS Attingal Government Chirayinkeezhu
1002 Govt. Girls HSS, Cottonhill, Trivandrum Government Thiruvananthapuram
1003 Govt. V.H.S.S For The Deaf, Jagathy Special Thiruvananthapuram
1004 Dr. AMMR HSS, Kattela, Sreekariam Residential Thiruvananthapuram
1005 Govt. HSS, Kilimanoor Government Chirayinkeezhu
1006 Govt. Girls HSS, Manacaud Government Thiruvananthapuram
1007 Govt. HSS, Medical College Government Thiruvananthapuram
1008 Govt. Boys HSS, Mithirmala Government Nedumangad
1009 Govt. Girls HSS, Nedumangad Government Nedumangad
1010 Govt. HSS, Neduveli Government Nedumangad
1011 Govt. Girls HSS, Neyyattinkara Government Neyyattinkara
1012 Govt. HSS, Pakalkuri Government Varkala
1013 Govt. HSS, Palayamkunnu Government Varkala
1014 Govt. HSS, Pirappancode Government Nedumangad
1015 Govt. HSS, Pettah Government Thiruvananthapuram
1016 S.M.V. Govt. Model HSS, Trivandrum Government Thiruvananthapuram
1017 Govt. HSS, Vettoor Government Varkala
1018 Govt. HSS, Kulathoor Government Thiruvananthapuram
1019 Govt. Girls HSS, Mithirmala Government Nedumangad
1020 Govt. HSS, Tholikode Government Nedumangad
1021 Govt. Girls HSS, Pattom Government Thiruvananthapuram
1022 Govt. HSS, Kamaleswaram Government Thiruvananthapuram
1023 Govt. Model Boys HSS, Thycaud Government Thiruvananthapuram
1024 Govt. HSS, Venjaramoodu Government Nedumangad
1025 Govt. HSS, Balaramapuram Government Neyyattinkara
1026 Govt. BHSS, Neyyattinkara Government Neyyattinkara
1027 Govt. HSS, Anavoor Government Neyyattinkara
1028 Govt Model HSS, Varkala Government Varkala
1029 PNM Govt. HSS, Koonthallur Government Chirayinkeezhu
1030 Govt Girls HSS, Attingal Government Chirayinkeezhu
1031 Govt HSS, Navaikulam Government Varkala
1032 Govt. HSS, Bharathannur Government Nedumangad
1033 Govt VHSS, Karakulam Government Nedumangad
1034 Govt HSS, Thonnakkal Government Thiruvananthapuram
1035 PSNPM Govt HSS, Peroorkada Government Thiruvananthapuram
1036 Govt Girls HSS, Karamana Government Thiruvananthapuram
1037 Govt Girls HSS, Malayinkil Government Kattakkada
1038 Govt HSS, Punnamoodu Government Thiruvananthapuram
1039 Govt HSS, Neeyyardam Government Kattakkada
1040 Kulathummal Govt HSS, Kattakkada Government Kattakkada
1041 Govt Boys HSS, Chalai Government Thiruvananthapuram
1042 Govt VHSS, Vellanad Government Nedumangad
1043 Govt HSS, Marayamuttam Government Neyyattinkara
1044 Govt Tamil HSS, Chalai Government Thiruvananthapuram
1045 Govt VHSS, Kulathoor Government Neyyattinkara
1046 NKM Govt HSS, Dhanuvachapuram Government Neyyattinkara
1047 Concordia Lutheran HSS, Peroorkada Aided Minority Thiruvananthapuram
1048 S.S.V HSS, Chirayinkil Aided General Chirayinkeezhu
1049 Leo XIII HSS, Pulluvila Aided Minority Neyyattinkara
1050 Sivagiri HSS, Varkala Aided Backward Varkala
1051 St. Joseph S HSS, Anchengo Aided Minority Chirayinkeezhu
1052 R.R.V.Girls HSS, Killimanoor Aided General Chirayinkeezhu
1053 Janatha HSS, Thembamood Aided General Nedumangad
1054 M.V HSS, Thundathil Aided General Thiruvananthapuram
1055 Pallithura HSS, Pallithura Aided Minority Thiruvananthapuram
1056 St. Antony S HSS, Valiathura Aided Backward Thiruvananthapuram
1057 St. Mary S HSS, Vettukad Aided Minority Thiruvananthapuram
1058 R.K.D.N.S.S HSS, Sasthamangalam Aided General Thiruvananthapuram
1059 St. Joseph S HSS, Trivandrum Aided Minority Thiruvananthapuram
1060 L.M.S Boys HSS, Amaravila Aided Minority Neyyattinkara
1061 M.V. HSS, Arumanoor Aided Backward Neyyattinkara
1062 Girls HSS, Venganoor Aided General Neyyattinkara
1063 V.P.S. Higher Seondary School, Venganoor Aided General Neyyattinkara
1064 Undencode St John S HSS, Cheriyakolla Aided Minority Neyyattinkara
1065 S.N.V HSS, Nedunganda Aided General Chirayinkeezhu
1066 St. Marys HSS, Pattom Aided Minority Thiruvananthapuram
1067 Iqbal HSS, Peringamala Aided Backward Nedumangad
1068 L.M.M.HSS, Chemboor Aided Minority Kattakkada
1069 New HSS, Nellimoodu Aided Backward Neyyattinkara
1070 S.N G. HSS, Chempazhanthy Aided Backward Thiruvananthapuram
1071 S.N.V. HSS, Anad Aided Backward Nedumangad
1072 St. John's Model HSS, Nalanchira Aided Minority Thiruvananthapuram
1073 NSS HSS, Palkulangara Aided General Thiruvananthapuram
1074 SN HSS, Uzhamalakkal Aided Backward Nedumangad
1075 St Thomas HSS, Poonthura Aided Minority Thiruvananthapuram
1076 Muslim Girls HSS, Kaniyapuram Aided Backward Thiruvananthapuram
1077 MCHSS, Kottukalkonam Aided General Neyyattinkara
1078 Salvation Army HSS, Kowdiar Aided Minority Thiruvananthapuram
1079 PKS HSS, Kanjiramkulam Aided General Neyyattinkara
1080 LMS HSS, Vattappara Aided Minority Nedumangad
1081 St Marys HSS, Vizhinjam Aided Minority Neyyattinkara
1082 Muslim HSS, Edava Aided General Varkala
1083 Janardhanapuram HSS, Ottasekharamangalam Aided General Kattakkada
1084 DVMNNM HSS, Maranallur Aided General Kattakkada
1085 VTMNSS Girls HSS, Dhanuvachapuram Aided General Neyyattinkara
1086 St. Thomas HSS, Amboori Aided Minority Kattakkada
1087 St. Xaviers HSS, Peyad Aided Minority Kattakkada
1088 AM HSS, Thirumala Aided General Thiruvananthapuram
1089 BNVV HSS, Thiruvallam Aided General Thiruvananthapuram
1090 Mulavana VHSS, Vamanapuram Aided General Nedumangad
1091 Al- Uth-uman English Medium HSS, Kazhakkoottam Un-aided Thiruvananthapuram
1092 Technical HSS, Muttada Technical Thiruvananthapuram
1093 Beema Maheen HSS, Beemapally Un-aided Thiruvananthapuram
1094 Christ Nagar Em HSS, Trivandrum Un-aided Thiruvananthapuram
1095 Holy Angels Convent HSS, Trivandrum Un-aided Thiruvananthapuram
1096 Loyola HSS, Sreekariyam Un-aided Thiruvananthapuram
1097 Lourde Mount HSS, Vattappara Un-aided Nedumangad
1098 NMR HSS, Neeramankara Un-aided Thiruvananthapuram
1099 Navabharath HSS, Kizhuvilam, Attingal Un-aided Chirayinkeezhu
1100 Nirmala Bhavan Em HSS, Kawdiar Un-aided Thiruvananthapuram
1101 Sarvodaya Vidyalaya HSS, Nalanchira Un-aided Thiruvananthapuram
1102 Darsana HSS, Nedumangadu Un-aided Nedumangad
1103 St. Mary's HSS, Kamukinkode Un-aided Neyyattinkara
1104 St. Theresa's Convent GHSS, Neyyattinkara Un-aided Neyyattinkara
1105 Carmel Girls HSS, Vazhuthacad Un-aided Thiruvananthapuram
1106 St. Goretti's HSS, Nalanchira Un-aided Thiruvananthapuram
1107 SSM HSS, Kochalumoodu, Mudapuram Un-aided Chirayinkeezhu
1108 Evans HSS, Parasala Un-aided Neyyattinkara
1110 St. Chrisostem Em HSS, Nellimmoodu Un-aided Neyyattinkara
1111 Shree Vidyadhi Raja Vidyamandir HSS, Vellayambalam Un-aided Thiruvananthapuram
1112 Sr. Elizebeth Joel CSI EM HSS, Attingal Un-aided Chirayinkeezhu
1113 Chinmaya Vidyalaya HSS, Vazhuthacaud Un-aided Thiruvananthapuram
1114 Jyothi Nilayam HSS, Kazhakkoottam Un-aided Thiruvananthapuram
1115 Little Flower Em HSS, Edava Un-aided Chirayinkeezhu
1116 Our Lady of Mercy HSS, Puthukurissi Un-aided Thiruvananthapuram
1117 Fr. Philip's HSS, Nellikodu Un-aided Kattakkada
1119 Holy Trinity HSS, Althara Un-aided Thiruvananthapuram
1120 Ptm HSS, Maruthoorkonam Un-aided Neyyattinkara
1121 St. Helen's GHSS, Lourdupuram Un-aided Neyyattinkara
1122 Rosamistica HSS, Pulimkudy Un-aided Neyyattinkara
1123 Samuel Lms HSS Parassala Un-aided Neyyattinkara
1124 Victory Girls HSS, Nemom Un-aided Neyyattinkara
1125 Manarul Huda HSS, Pazhakutty Un-aided Nedumangad
1127 P.R.William HSS, Kattakada Aided General Kattakkada
1128 Govt. VHSS, Vakkom Government Chirayinkeezhu
1129 SNV Govt. HSS, Kadakkavoor Government Chirayinkeezhu
1130 Govt. GHSS, Peroorkada Government Thiruvananthapuram
1131 Govt. VHSS, Poovar Government Neyyattinkara
1132 Govt. HSS, Vilavoorkal Government Kattakkada
1133 Govt. HSS, Airoorpara Government Thiruvananthapuram
1134 Govt. Boys HSS, Karamana Government Thiruvananthapuram
1135 Govt. VHSS, Parassala Government Neyyattinkara
1136 Govt. LVHSS, Arayoor Government Neyyattinkara
1137 Govt. VHSS, Aryanad Government Nedumangad
1138 Govt. HSS, Poovachal Government Kattakkada
1139 Govt. HSS, Aruvikkara Government Nedumangad
1140 Govt. HSS, Kazhakuttom Government Thiruvananthapuram
1141 Govt. HSS, Kavalayoor Government Varkala
1142 Govt. HSS, Kappil Government Varkala
1143 Govt. HSS, Mylachal Government Kattakkada
1144 Govt. VHSS, Vattiyoorkavu Government Thiruvananthapuram
1145 Govt. VHSS, Vithura Government Nedumangad
1146 Govt. HSS for Girls, Kanniakulangara Government Nedumangad
1147 Govt. HSS, Poovathoor Government Nedumangad
1148 Govt. HSS, Azhoor Government Chirayinkeezhu
1149 Govt. HSS, Elamba Government Chirayinkeezhu
1150 Govt. HSS Thattathumala Government Chirayinkeezhu
1151 Govt. HSS, Keezharoor Government Kattakkada
1152 Govt. Model HSS Venganoor Government Neyyattinkara
1153 Govt. VHSS, Alamcode Government Chirayinkeezhu
1154 Govt. HSS, Pallickal Government Varkala
1155 NSS HSS, M.G.College Campus Aided General Thiruvananthapuram
1156 Cordova HSS, Ambalathara Un-aided Thiruvananthapuram
1157 St. Thomas HSS, Mukkolakkal Un-aided Thiruvananthapuram
1158 KTCT EMR HSS, Kaduvayil, Thottakkad Un-aided Chirayinkeezhu
1159 Gem Know Model HSS, Mel-vettoor Un-aided Chirayinkeezhu
1160 Sree Vidhyadhi Raja Em HSS, Attingal Un-aided Chirayinkeezhu
1161 Sree Vidhyadhi Raja Vidyanilayam HSS, Neyyattinkara Un-aided Neyyattinkara
1162 Santhigiri Vidyabhavan HSS Un-aided Nedumangad
1163 Sri Sathya Sai HSS, Vellanad Un-aided Nedumangad
1164 Sam Govt Model Residential Sports HSS, Vellayani Residential Thiruvananthapuram
1165 Govt. HSS, Cherunniyoor Government Varkala
1166 Govt. HSS, Ayira Government Neyyattinkara
1167 GvHSS Kottukal Government Neyyattinkara
1168 Govt. VHSS, Paruthippally Government Kattakkada
1169 Govt. HSS, Nagaroor Government Chirayinkeezhu
1170 Govt. VHSS, Njekkad Government Varkala
1171 Govt. HSS, Koduvazhanoor Government Chirayinkeezhu
1172 Govt. HSS, Thirupuram Government Neyyattinkara
1173 SNV HSS, Panayara Aided General Varkala
1174 NSS HSS, Madavoor Aided General Varkala
1175 SKV HSS, Nanniyode Aided Backward Nedumangad
1176 Victory Vocational Higher Secondary School, Nemom Aided General Neyyattinkara
1177 PHMKM VHSS, Panavoor Aided Backward Nedumangad
1178 VPM HSS, Vellarada Aided Backward Neyyattinkara
1179 St. Michels HSS Kadinamkulam Aided Minority Thiruvananthapuram
1180 Chinnamma Memorial Girls HSS, Poojappura Aided General Thiruvananthapuram
1181 Sree Sethu Parvathy Bhai Higher Secondary School, Kadakkavoor Aided General Chirayinkeezhu

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