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List: Higher Secondary Schools in Kollam District 'HSS Kerala' School Code, Taluk

Complete list of Higher Secondary Schools (HSS) in Kollam Dist. Know your nearest schools to get earlier admission in your favorite higher secondary

Complete list of Higher Secondary Schools (HSS) in Kollam Dist. Know your nearest schools to get earlier admission in your favorite higher secondary subject in your neighbourhood.

Higher Secondary Schools in Kollampixabay

Higher Secondary Schools in Kollam

List: Higher Secondary Schools in Kollam District 'HSS Kerala' School Code, Taluk

Complete list of Higher Secondary Schools (HSS) in Kollam Dist., Plus Two Science, Computer Science, Commerce, Commerce with Computer Applications (Computer Commerce), Humanities, Journalism and more subject combinations.

Finding a Higher Secondary School (HSS) near your home in the Kollam region is just as important as choosing a Best Higher Secondary Course in Kerala. Getting admission to your nearest school means a student can save plenty of time and money from unwanted travelling. On this page, you can find the full list of HSS / Higher Secondary Schools in Kollam District along with School Code, School Type and Taluk. We hope you can find the Best Educational Institutions in Kerala, and Kollam from the below list.

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From the list below, you can find the nearest Higher Secondary Schools in Kollam District. This list Includes: School code, School Name & Address, School type, and Taluk Name. You can also view the complete course / second language options details of each school by clicking the school code.

School Code School Name, Address School Type Taluk Name
2001 Govt. HSS, Chavara Government Karunagappally
2002 Govt. HSS, Ayyankoyikkal, Koivila Government Karunagappally
2003 Govt. HSS, Karunagappally Government Karunagappally
2004 Govt. Model Boys HSS, Thevally Government Kollam
2005 Govt. BOYS HSS, Kottarakkara Government Kottarakkara
2006 Govt. HSS, Kulasekharapuram Government Karunagappally
2007 Govt. HSS, Kuzhimathikad Government Kottarakkara
2008 Govt. HSS, Vellamanal, Mayyanad Government Kollam
2009 Govt. HSS, Bhoothakulam Government Kollam
2010 Govt. HSS, Punalur Government Punalur
2011 Govt. HSS, Valathungal Government Kollam
2012 Govt. HSS, Vayala Government Kottarakkara
2013 Govt. HSS, Ottakkal Government Punalur
2014 Govt. HSS, Karukone, Anchal Government Punalur
2015 Govt. HSS, West Kallada Government Kunnathoor
2016 Govt. HSS, Vallikeezhu Government Kollam
2017 SBVS Govt. HSS, Panmanamanayil, Chavara Government Karunagappally
2018 Govt. HSS, Anjalummoodu Government Kollam
2019 Govt. HSS, Mangad Government Kollam
2020 GHSS Kummil Government Kottarakkara
2021 Govt. Fisheries HSS, Kuzhithura, Alappat Government Karunagappally
2022 Govt. HSS, Sooranad Government Kunnathoor
2023 Govt. Mahatma Gandhi HSS, Chadayamangalam Government Kottarakkara
2024 Govt. HSS, Anchal West Government Punalur
2025 Govt. HSS, Sasthamkotta Government Kunnathoor
2026 Govt. HSS, Palliman Government Kollam
2027 Meenakshi Vilasom GHSS, Peroor Government Kollam
2028 Govt. HSS, Pattazhi Government Pathanapuram
2029 Mohammaden Govt. HSS, Edathara, Pathanapuram Government Pathanapuram
2030 Govt. HSS, Kulathupuzha Government Punalur
2031 Govt. Model HSS, Vettikkavala Government Kottarakkara
2032 Govt. GIRLS HSS, Thazhava Government Karunagappally
2033 Govt. HSS, Chathannoor Government Kollam
2034 Govt. HSS, Puthur Government Kottarakkara
2035 Govt. HSS, Paravur Government Kollam
2036 Guhanandapuram HSS, Chavara South Aided Backward Karunagappally
2037 Amrutha Sanskrit HSS, Parippally Aided General Kollam
2038 Milade Sherif HSS, Mynagappally Aided Backward Kunnathoor
2039 KRGPM HSS, Odanavattom Aided General Kottarakkara
2040 Vivekananda HSS, Poredam Aided General Kottarakkara
2041 SN HSS, Chithara Aided Backward Kottarakkara
2042 St. Gregorious HSS, Kottarakkara Aided Backward Kottarakkara
2043 S.M. HSS, Kottara Aided General Kottarakkara
2044 S.M HSS, Patharam Aided General Kunnathoor
2045 B.J.S.M. Madathil HSS, Thazhava Aided General Karunagappally
2046 S.V HSS, Clappana Aided Backward Karunagappally
2047 St. Antony's HSS, Kanjirakode Aided Minority Kollam
2048 S.N.D.P.Y HSS, Neeravil Aided Backward Kollam
2049 M.S.M HSS, Chathinamkulam Aided Backward Kollam
2050 N.S.S HSS, Chathannor Aided General Kollam
2051 S.N.S.M HSS, Elampalloor Aided General Kollam
2052 M.K.L.M. HSS, Kannanalloor Aided Minority Kollam
2053 CP HSS, Kuttikkadu, Kadakkal Aided General Kottarakkara
2054 Chempakassery HSS, Poothakulam Aided General Kollam
2055 AEPM HSS, Irumpanangadu, Ezhukone, Kottarakara Aided General Kottarakkara
2056 Krist Raj HSS Aided Minority Kollam
2057 St. Stephen's HSS, Pathanapuram Aided Minority Pathanapuram
2058 EVHSS, Neduvathur, Neeleswaram Aided General Kottarakkara
2059 DR CT Eapen Memorial HSS, Sasthamcotta Aided General Kunnathoor
2060 Ezhippuram HSS (EHSS), Parippalli Aided Backward Kollam
2061 Mayyanadu HSS Aided Backward Kollam
2062 Vimala Hridaya GHSS Aided Minority Kollam
2063 AKM HSS, Mailapur, Umayanallur Aided Minority Kollam
2064 Thadikad HSS, Thadikad, Anchal Aided General Punalur
2065 St Goretti HSS, Punalur Aided Minority Punalur
2066 DVNSSHSS Poovattoor, Mavady, Kottarakkara Aided General Kottarakkara
2067 St. Aloysius Higher Secondary School Aided Minority Kollam
2068 NSS HSS, Prakkulam, Kanjaveli Aided General Kollam
2069 Sivaram NSS HSS, Karikode Aided General Kollam
2070 V.G.S.S. Ambikodayam HSS, Nediyavila, Kunnathoor East Aided General Kunnathoor
2071 Taluk Samajam Higher Secondary School, Punalur Aided General Punalur
2072 CVKM HSS, East Kallada Aided General Kollam
2073 KPM HSS Cheriyavelinelloor Aided General Kottarakkara
2074 MM HSS, Uppodu, East Kallada Aided General Kollam
2075 BOYS HSS, Karunagappally Aided General Karunagappally
2076 MM HSS, Nilamel Aided Minority Kottarakkara
2077 TKM HSS, Karikkode Aided Minority Kollam
2078 Sree Narayana Trust HSS, Cantonment Aided Backward Kollam
2079 Sri Vidyadiraja Memorial Model HSS, Vendar Aided General Kottarakkara
2080 CSI Vocational HS and HSS For Deaf, Valakom Special Kottarakkara
2081 St. Josephs Convent HSS Un-Aided Kollam
2082 St. Jude's HSS, Alumoodu, Mukhathala Un-Aided Kollam
2083 St. Mary's HSS, Kizhakekara Aided Minority Kottarakkara
2086 John F Kennady M HSS Karunagappally Un-Aided Karunagappally
2087 Lourd Matha HSS, Kovilthottam Un-Aided Karunagappally
2088 Nehru Memorial HSS, Kaithakuzhy, Velichikala Un-Aided Kollam
2089 Mount Carmel EM HSS, Mathilakom Un-Aided Kollam
2090 St. John's HSS, Karuvelil, Ezhukone Un-Aided Kottarakkara
2091 SDA HSS, Kottarakkara Un-Aided Kottarakkara
2092 Sabarigiri HSS, Anchal Un-Aided Pathanapuram
2093 Mount Tabore HSS, Pathanapuram Un-Aided Pathanapuram
2094 RV HSS, Valakom Un-Aided Pathanapuram
2095 TVTM HSS, Veliyam Un-Aided Kottarakkara
2097 M.E.A.E.M HSS, Karicode Un-Aided Kollam
2098 Jawahar HSS, Ayur Government Punalur
2099 AKMV HSS, Thadikkadu, Anchal Un-Aided Pathanapuram
2100 Govt. HSS, Koikkal, Kilikkollur Government Kollam
2101 TKDM Govt. HSS, Kadappakada Government Kollam
2102 Govt. HSS, Peringalam Government Kollam
2103 Govt. HSS, Ashtamudy Government Kollam
2104 Govt. HSS, Punnala Government Pathanapuram
2105 Govt. HSS, Chithara Government Kottarakkara
2106 Govt. HSS, Muttara, Kottarakkara Government Kottarakkara
2107 Govt. HSS, Nedumgolam Government Kollam
2108 Govt. HSS, Oachira Government Karunagappally
2109 Govt. HSS, Yeroor Government Punalur
2110 Govt. HSS, Thevannoor Government Kottarakkara
2111 Govt. HSS, Thodiyoor Government Karunagappally
2112 Govt. HSS, Kulakkada, Kottarakkara Government Kottarakkara
2113 Govt. HSS, Poruvazhy, Kunnathoor Government Kunnathoor
2114 Govt. HSS, Kadakkal Government Kottarakkara
2115 Govt. HSS, Vakkanad, Kuzhimathicadu Government Kottarakkara
2116 Govt. HSS, Perinad Government Kollam
2118 Govt. HSS, Anchal East Government Punalur
2119 Govt. HSS, Sadanandapuram Government Kottarakkara
2120 Govt. HSS, Quilon West Government Kollam
2121 SN Trust HSS, Chathannoor Aided Backward Kollam
2122 SN Trust HSS, Aickarakonam Aided Backward Punalur
2125 ST. Thomas HSS, Punalur Un-Aided Pathanapuram
2126 MES English Medium HSS, Panmanam Un-Aided Karunagappally
2127 Rakesh Ravi Memorial HSS, Karamcode Un-Aided Kollam
2128 Light Land English Medium HSS, Valiyakulangara Un-Aided Karunagappally
2129 Vivekananda HSS, Changankulangara Un-Aided Karunagappally
2130 N.G.P.M. Higher Secondary School, Venchempu Aided General Punalur
2131 TCNM GHSS, Nedumpara Government Punalur
2132 Govt. VHSS, Kottankulangara Government Karunagappally
2133 GPVHSS, Perumkulam Government Kottarakkara
2134 Govt. ASHSS, Puthanthura Government Karunagappally
2135 MGDHSS for Boys, Kundara Aided Minority Kollam
2136 MAMHSS, Chengamanadu Aided General Kottarakkara
2137 MTDM HSS, Malur Aided Minority Pathanapuram
2138 KNNM VHSS, Pavithreswaram Aided General Kottarakkara
2139 Devi Vilasom VHSS, Thalavoor Aided General Pathanapuram
2140 MTHSS Valakam, Kottarakkara Aided Minority Kottarakkara
2141 MMHSS, Vilakkudy Aided General Pathanapuram
2142 Adichanalloor Panchayath HSS Government Kollam
2301 H.K.M HSS, Kallukuzhi, Umayanalloor Un-Aided Kollam
2302 Govt. Model Residential Higher Secondary School, Kulathupuzha Residential Pathanapuram

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