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List: Higher Secondary Schools in Palakkad District 'HSS Kerala' School Code, Taluk

Complete list of Higher Secondary Schools (HSS) in Palakkad Dist. Know your nearest schools to get earlier admission in your favourite higher secondar

Complete list of Higher Secondary Schools (HSS) in Palakkad Dist. Know your nearest schools to get earlier admission in your favourite higher secondary subject in your neighbourhood.

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Higher Secondary Schools in Palakkad

List: Higher Secondary Schools in Palakkad District 'HSS Kerala' School Code, Taluk

Complete list of Higher Secondary Schools (HSS) in Palakkad Dist., Plus Two Science, Computer Science, Commerce, Commerce with Computer Applications (Computer Commerce), Humanities, Journalism and more subject combinations.

Finding a Higher Secondary School (HSS) near your home in the Palakkad region is just as important as choosing a Best Higher Secondary Course in Kerala. Getting admission to your nearest school means a student can save plenty of time and money from unwanted travelling. On this page, you can find the full list of HSS / Higher Secondary Schools in Palakkad District along with School Code, School Type and Taluk. We hope you can find the Best Educational Institutions in Kerala, and Palakkad from the below list.

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From the list below, you can find the nearest Higher Secondary Schools in Palakkad District. This list Includes: School code, School Name & Address, School type, and Taluk Name. You can also view the complete course / second language options details of each school by clicking the school code.

School Code School Name, Address School Type Taluk Name
9001 Govt. HSS, Chalissery Government Pattambi
9002 Govt. BHSS, Chittur Government Chittoor
9003 Govt. HSS, Edathanattukara Government Mannarkkad
9004 Govt. HSS Kizhkkencherry Government Alathoor
9005 Govt. HSS, Koduvayur Government Chittoor
9006 Govt. HSS Kottayi Government Alathoor
9007 Govt. Janatha HSS, Naduvattom, Pattambi Government Pattambi
9008 PMG HSS Government Palakkad
9009 Govt. Moyan Model Girls HSS Government Palakkad
9010 Govt. Oriental HSS, Pattambi Government Pattambi
9011 MNKM Govt. HSS, Pulapatta Government Ottappalam
9012 Govt. HSS, Vellinazhy Government Ottappalam
9013 Govt. HSS Mankara Government Palakkad
9014 Govt. HSS, Chathannur, Peringode Government Pattambi
9015 Govt. HSS, Big Bazaar, City Government Palakkad
9016 Govt. HSS, Munnoorkode, Thrikkadeeri Government Ottappalam
9017 Govt. HSS, Pattambi Government Pattambi
9018 Govt. HSS, Pottassery Government Mannarkkad
9019 Govt. HSS, Kanjikode Government Palakkad
9020 Govt. HSS, Vadanamkurissi Government Pattambi
9021 Govt. HSS, Kumaranalloor Government Pattambi
9022 Govt. Boys HSS, Nemmara Government Chittoor
9023 GHSS, Kozhippara Government Chittoor
9024 Govt. Victoria Girls HSS, Chittoor Government Chittoor
9025 Govt. HSS, Muthalamada Government Chittoor
9026 GHSS, Mezhathur Government Pattambi
9027 Govt. HSS, Ganeshgiri, Shoranur Government Ottappalam
9028 GHSS, Peringottukurissi Government Alathoor
9029 Govt. AP HSS, Elappully Government Palakkad
9030 GHSS, Kadambur Government Ottappalam
9031 Perumatty Panchayat HSS, Kannimari, Chittur Government Chittoor
9032 GHSS, Agaly Government Mannarkkad
9033 Govt. HSS, Cherpulasserry Government Ottappalam
9034 GVHSS, Pathirippala, Nagaripuram Government Palakkad
9035 ASMM HSS, Alathur Aided Minority Alathoor
9036 KKMHSS Vandithavalam Aided General Chittoor
9037 Cherupushpam Girls HSS, Vadakkencherry Aided Minority Alathoor
9038 PTM Yathimkhana HSS, Edappalam Aided Minority Pattambi
9039 St. Therese HSS Shoranur Aided Minority Ottappalam
9040 Kannadi HSS, Kannadi Aided General Palakkad
9041 Brahmanadaswami Sivayogi HSS Kollengode Aided General Chittoor
9042 KCP HSS, Kavasserry Aided Backward Alathoor
9043 T.r.k. HSS, Vaniyamkulam Aided General Ottappalam
9044 Chalavara HSS, Chalavara Aided General Ottappalam
9045 St. Paul S HSS, Kozhinjampara Aided Minority Chittoor
9046 Kalladi HSS, Kumaramputhoor Aided Minority Mannarkkad
9047 LSN Girls HSS, Ottappalam Aided Minority Ottappalam
9048 HSS, Sreekrishnapuram Aided General Ottappalam
9049 Karimpuzha HSS, Thottara Aided General Ottappalam
9050 MNKM HSS, Chittilencherry Aided General Alathoor
9051 Vallapuzha HSS, Vallappuzha Aided General Pattambi
9052 BEM HSS., Palakkad Aided Minority Palakkad
9053 Puliyanparamb HSS, Kodumthirappally Aided Minority Palakkad
9054 CBKM Government HSS, Puduppariyaram Government Palakkad
9055 MES HSS, Mannarkkad Aided Minority Mannarkkad
9056 Kanikkamatha Convent EM GHSS Un-Aided Palakkad
9058 KTM HSS, Mannarcad Un-Aided Mannarkkad
9059 St. Thomas GHSS, Kallekulangara Un-Aided Palakkad
9060 Assissi EM HSS, Kanjikode Un-Aided Palakkad
9061 Bharath Matha HSS, Chandranagar Un-Aided Palakkad
9062 BSS Gurukulam HSS, Alathur Un-Aided Alathoor
9063 SDA HSS, Kaniyampuram Un-Aided Ottappalam
9064 Mujahideen HSS, Parali Un-Aided Palakkad
9065 Grace Higher Secondary School, Kodunthirappully Un-Aided Palakkad
9066 Railway HSS, Railway Colony, Hemambika Nagar Un-Aided Palakkad
9068 Arogyamatha HSS, Kottathara Un-Aided Mannarkkad
9070 Vijaya Matha Convent HSS, Chittoor Un-Aided Chittoor
9071 MET EM HSS, Mannarkkad Un-Aided Mannarkkad
9073 MES KTM EMHSS, Vattamannapuram, Edathanattukara Un-Aided Mannarkkad
9074 Govt. HSS, Kumarapuram Government Palakkad
9075 Govt. HSS, Karimba Government Mannarkkad
9076 Govt. HSS, Malampuzha Government Palakkad
9077 Govt. Tribal HSS, Sholayoor, Agaly Government Mannarkkad
9078 Govt. HSS, Alanallur Government Mannarkkad
9079 Bhagavathi Govt. HSS, Vannamada, Chittur Government Chittoor
9080 Govt. HSS, Erimayur Government Alathoor
9081 Govt. Girls HSS, Nemmara Government Chittoor
9082 Govt. HSS, Ottappalam East Government Ottappalam
9083 Govt. HSS, Marayamangalam Government Ottappalam
9084 Govt. HSS, Chundambatta Government Pattambi
9085 Govt. Tribal HSS, Pudur, Attappadi Government Mannarkkad
9086 Govt. HSS, Karakurissi Government Mannarkkad
9088 Govt. HSS, Anakkara Government Pattambi
9089 Govt. HSS, Tholanur Government Alathoor
9090 Govt. SM HSS, Thathamangalam Government Chittoor
9091 Govt. Girls HSS, Alathoor Government Alathoor
9092 Gokhale Govt. HSS, Kumaranellur, Othalur Government Ottappalam
9093 SN Trust HSS, Shornur Aided Backward Ottappalam
9095 SKDI Orphanage HSS, Vallappuzha Un-Aided Ottappalam
9097 MES English Medium HSS, Olavakode Un-Aided Palakkad
9098 Mariyumma Memorial HSS, Prabhapuram, Mannargode Un-Aided Ottappalam
9099 Sravana Samsara HSS, West Yakkaru Special Palakkad
9100 MES Trust Public HSS, Karimpara Un-Aided Chittoor
9101 IES English Medium HSS, Thrithala Un-Aided Ottappalam
9104 GHSS Kunisseri, Kunisseri Government Alathoor
9105 GHSS Kodumunda, Pattambi Government Pattambi
9106 GHSS Thenkurussi, Vilayannur Government Alathoor
9107 Model Residential HSS, Thrithala, Parakkulam, Anakkara Residential Ottappalam
9120 Sarvajana Higher Secondary School, Puthucode Government Alathoor
9121 PGP Higher Secondary School, Polpully Government Palakkad
9122 CA Higher Secondary School, Coyalmannam Aided General Alathoor
9123 CA Higher Secondary School, Ayakkad Aided Backward Alathoor
9124 SK Higher Secondary School, Nallepill Aided General Chittoor
9125 Parali Higher Secondary School, Parali Aided General Palakkad
9126 SMM Higher Secondary School, Pazhambalacode Aided General Alathoor
9127 CA Higher Secondary School, Peruvemba Aided General Palakkad
9128 Kalladi Abdu Haji Higher Secondary School, Kottopadam, Mannarkkad Aided Minority Mannarkkad
9129 Darunnajath Higher Secondary School, Nellipuzha Aided Minority Mannarkkad
9130 SM Higher Secondary School, Ayalur Aided General Chittoor
9131 RPM Higher Secondary School, Panangattiri Aided General Chittoor
9132 Polachirackal Higher Secondary School, Padagiri, Nelliampathy Aided General Chittoor
9133 VIM Higher Secondary School, Pallassana Aided General Chittoor
9134 Velayudhan Memorial Higher Secondary School, Vadavannur Aided Backward Chittoor
9135 Sree Sankara Oriental Higher Secondary School, Lakkidi Aided General Ottappalam
9136 Mundur Higher Secondary School, Mundur Aided General Palakkad
9137 PTM Higher Secondary School, Thrikkatiri Aided Backward Ottappalam
9138 Higher Secondary School, Keralassery Aided General Palakkad
9139 KPRP Higher Secondary School, Kongad Aided General Palakkad
9140 Desabandhu Higher Secondary School, Thachampara Aided General Mannarkkad
9141 Higher Secondary School, Peringode Aided General Ottappalam
9142 Parudur Higher Secondary School, Pallippuram Aided General Pattambi
9143 NSS Higher Secondary School, Akathethara Aided General Palakkad
9145 TSNM Higher Secondary School, Kundurkunnu Aided General Mannarkkad
9146 CVM Higher Secondary School, Vandazhy Aided Backward Alathoor
9147 Higher Secondary School, Kuthanur Aided General Alathoor
9148 AKNM MA Memorial Higher Secondary School, Kattukulam Aided General Ottappalam
9149 Dr. KB Menon Memorial Higher Secondary School, Thrithala Aided General Pattambi
9150 Sabari PTB Smaraka Higher Secondary School Adakkaputhur Aided General Ottappalam
9151 Lourde Matha Higher Secondary School, Mangalam Dam Aided Minority Alathoor
9152 Anangannadi Higher Secondary School, Panamanna Aided Backward Ottappalam
9153 KPSMM VHSS, Varode, Ottappalam Aided General Ottappalam
9154 Govt. VHSS Koppam Government Pattambi
9155 Govt. VHSS Vattenad Government Pattambi
9156 GHSS, Kallingalpadam Government Alathoor
9157 Ashram HSS Malampuzha Residential Palakkad
9158 Gopal Memmorial HSS Thiruvalathoor Aided General Palakkad
9159 CFD VHSS Mathoor Aided General Alathoor
9160 Muslim HSS Puthunagaram Aided General Chittoor
9161 Mount Carmel HSS, Mamana Aided Minority Mannarkkad
9162 AVM HSS, Chunangad Aided General Ottappalam
9163 Sabari HSS, Pallikurup Aided General Mannarkkad
9164 Karnakayamman HSS, Moothanthara Aided General Palakkad
9165 Fathima Memmorial HSS, Karinkalathani Aided General Mannarkkad
9166 GHSS, Thenkara Government Mannarkkad
9167 Mary Matha HSS, Panthalampadam Aided Minority Alathoor
9168 PK HSS, Mannappra Aided General Alathoor
9169 GHSS, Pattanchery Government Chittoor
9301 CGM English Medium HSS, Kalldipatta, Pattambi Un-Aided Pattambi
9302 Carmel HSS, Palakkayam Un-Aided Mannarkkad
9303 St. Pauls English HSS, Kollengode Un-Aided Chittoor
9304 INIC HSS, Nattukkal Un-Aided Mannarkkad
9305 St. Johns HSS, Akapadam Un-Aided Nemmara
9306 Govt. VHSS for the Deaf, Ottapalam Special Ottappalam
9307 Govt. Model Residential Higher Secondary School, Naduvathappara, Kuzhalmannam Residential Alathoor
9308 Model Residential Higher Secondary School, Attappadi, Mukkali Residential Mannarkkad

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