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List: Higher Secondary Schools in Malappuram District 'HSS Kerala' School Code, Taluk

Complete list of Higher Secondary Schools (HSS) in Malappuram Dist. Know your nearest schools to get earlier admission in your favourite higher second

Complete list of Higher Secondary Schools (HSS) in Malappuram Dist. Know your nearest schools to get earlier admission in your favourite higher secondary subject in your neighbourhood.

Higher Secondary Schools in Malappurampixabay

Higher Secondary Schools in Malappuram

List: Higher Secondary Schools in Malappuram District 'HSS Kerala' School Code, Taluk

Complete list of Higher Secondary Schools (HSS) in Malappuram Dist., Plus Two Science, Computer Science, Commerce, Commerce with Computer Applications (Computer Commerce), Humanities, Journalism and more subject combinations.

Finding a Higher Secondary School (HSS) near your home in the Malappuram region is just as important as choosing a Best Higher Secondary Course in Kerala. Getting admission to your nearest school means a student can save plenty of time and money from unwanted travelling. On this page, you can find the full list of HSS / Higher Secondary Schools in Malappuram District along with School Code, School Type and Taluk. We hope you can find the Best Educational Institutions in Kerala, and Malappuram from the below list.

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From the list below, you can find the nearest Higher Secondary Schools in Malappuram District. This list Includes: School code, School Name & Address, School type, and Taluk Name. You can also view the complete course / second language options details of each school by clicking the school code.

School Code School Name, Address School Type Taluk Name
11001 Govt. GHSS Down Hill Government Eranad
11002 Govt. HSS, Pandikkad Government Eranad
11003 Govt. MHSS, Perinthalmanna Government Perinthalmanna
11004 Devdhar Govt. HSS, Thanur Government Thirur
11005 Govt. Boys HSS, Tirur, Tirur Government Thirur
11006 Govt. HSS, Thirurangadi Government Thiroorangadi
11007 Govt. VMC HSS, Wandoor Government Nilambur
11008 Govt. HSS, Pullengode Government Nilambur
11009 Govt. HSS, Muthedathu Government Nilambur
11010 Govt. Boys HSS, Manjery Government Eranad
11011 Govt. Rajah's HSS, Kottakkal Government Thirur
11012 Govt. HSS, Kokkur Government Ponnani
11013 Govt. HSS, Vazhakkad Government Kondotty
11014 Govt. HSS, Kunnakkavu Government Perinthalmanna
11015 Govt. HSS, Thiruvali Government Nilambur
11016 Govt. HSS, Pulamanthole Government Perinthalmanna
11017 Govt. HSS, Pookkottumpadam Government Nilambur
11018 Govt. HSS, Maranchery Government Ponnani
11019 Govt. HSS, Areacode Government Eranad
11020 Govt. Model HSS, Calicut University Government Thiroorangadi
11021 Govt. HSS, Edappal Government Ponnani
11022 Govt. HSS, Othukkungal Government Thiroorangadi
11023 Govt. HSS, Kottappuram Government Kondotty
11024 Govt. HSS, Mankada Government Perinthalmanna
11025 Govt. HSS, Kuzhimanna Government Kondotty
11026 Govt. Girls HSS, Manjery Government Eranad
11027 Govt. HSS, Karuvarakundu Government Nilambur
11028 Govt. HSS, Pookkottoor Government Eranad
11029 Govt. HSS, Anamangadu Government Perinthalmanna
11030 Govt. Manavedan HSS, Nilambur Government Nilambur
11031 Govt. HSS, Pang Government Perinthalmanna
11032 Govt. HSS, Kattilangadi, Tanur Government Thirur
11033 Govt. HSS, Kadanchery Government Ponnani
11034 Govt. HSS, Kuttipuram Government Thirur
11035 PCN GHSS, Mookkuthala Government Ponnani
11036 Govt. HSS, Vettathur Government Perinthalmanna
11037 MMM HSS, Kuttayi, Tirur Aided General Thirur
11038 IKT HSS, Cherukulamba Aided Minority Perinthalmanna
11039 MSM HSS, Kallingalparamba Aided Minority Thirur
11040 SV HSS, Palemed Aided General Nilambur
11041 NNM HSS, Chelambra Aided General Kondotty
11042 Nirmala HSS, Erumamudnda Aided Minority Nilambur
11043 Valanchery HSS, Valanchery Aided General Thirur
11044 NM HSS, Thirunavaya Aided General Thirur
11045 St. Mary's HSS, Pariyapuram Aided General Perinthalmanna
11046 DU HSS, Thootha Aided Minority Perinthalmanna
11047 MV HSS, Ariyallur Aided General Thiroorangadi
11048 KM HSS, Kuttoor North, Ar Nagar Aided Minority Thiroorangadi
11049 CB HSS, Vallikkunnu Aided General Thiroorangadi
11050 HMY HSS, Manjery Aided Minority Eranad
11051 EMEA HSS, Kondotty Aided Minority Kondotty
11052 MI HSS, Ponnani Aided Minority Ponnani
11053 DH Orphanage HSS, Edappal Aided Minority Ponnani
11054 Oriental HSS, Thirurangadi Aided Minority Thiroorangadi
11055 SS HSS, Moorkanad, Urangattiri Aided Minority Eranad
11056 MI HSS for Girls, Pudupponnani Aided Minority Ponnani
11057 PPM HSS, Kottukkara, Kondotty Aided Minority Kondotty
11058 PMSAPT HSS, Kakkove, Vazhayoor Aided Minority Kondotty
11059 PPTMY HSS Cherur, Vengara Aided Minority Thiroorangadi
11060 SNM HSS, Parappanangadi Aided Minority Thiroorangadi
11061 PTM HSS, Thazhekkode Aided General Perinthalmanna
11062 PKMM HSS, Edarikkode Aided Minority Thiroorangadi
11063 SSM HSS, Theyyalinkal Aided Minority Thiroorangadi
11064 VPK MM HSS, Puthur, Pallikkal Aided Minority Kondotty
11065 Catholicate HSS, Pothukal Aided Minority Nilambur
11066 VHM HSS, Morayoor Aided Minority Kondotty
11067 Brother's HSS, Mavandiyoor, Edayur North Aided General Thirur
11068 BYK VHSS, Valavannur Aided Minority Thirur
11069 St. Gemma's Girls HSS Aided Minority Eranad
11070 MSP HSS, Malappuram Aided General Eranad
11071 Panthalloor HSS, Kadambode, Manjeri Aided Minority Eranad
11072 MES HSS, Ponnani South Aided Minority Ponnani
11073 MES HSS, Mampad Aided Minority Nilambur
11074 Marthoma HSS, Chungathara Aided Minority Nilambur
11075 DHR HSS for Women, Kandanakom, Kaladi, Edappal Aided Minority Ponnani
11076 AR HSS for Girls, Pavittapuram Aided Minority Ponnani
11077 JSR HSS for Girls, Vettekode, Manjeri Aided Minority Eranad
11078 EMOR Girls HSS, Palad Aided Minority Nilambur
11079 JNR HSS, Edavanna, Salah Nagar Aided Minority Eranad
11081 Technical HSS, Vattamkulam Technical Ponnani
11082 Technical HSS, Vazhakkad Technical Kondotty
11083 THSS, Perintalmanna, Angadipuram Technical Perinthalmanna
11084 Markez HSS, Athavanad, Karthala Un-Aided Thirur
11087 Almanar HSS, Wadimanar, Randathani Un-Aided Thirur
11088 AMS HSS, Pazhamkulangara, Thirur Un-Aided Thirur
11089 Majlis HSS, Vengad, Valanchery Un-Aided Perinthalmanna
11090 Fathima Matha HSS, Pookayil, Tirur Un-Aided Thirur
11091 Darunnajath HSS, Karuvarakkundu, Manjeri Un-Aided Nilambur
11092 Islahiya EM HSS, Down Hill Un-Aided Eranad
11093 Little Flower HSS, Nilambur Un-Aided Nilambur
11094 NSS EM HSS, Manjeri Un-Aided Eranad
11097 Khidamatul Islam HSS, Edakkulam, Thirunavaya Un-Aided Thirur
11098 MVM HSS, Valayamkulam, Kokkur Un-Aided Ponnani
11099 JM HSS, Parnekkadu, Thirur Un-Aided Thirur
11100 Crescent RHSS, Vellimukku South, Malappuram Un-Aided Thiroorangadi
11102 Farook EM HSS Parappur, Kottakkal Un-Aided Thiroorangadi
11103 Darul Hidaya HSS, Edappal Un-Aided Ponnani
11104 Thangal's HSS, Vadakkangara, Mankada Un-Aided Perinthalmanna
11107 PES HSS, Parappanadu Un-Aided Thiroorangadi
11108 Presentation HSS Perinthalmanna Un-Aided Perinthalmanna
11109 Fazphari Orphanage HSS, Padinjattumuri Un-Aided Perinthalmanna
11110 St. Paul's EM HSS, Thenjipalam, Kohinoor Un-Aided Thiroorangadi
11113 NSS K HSS, Puthoor Un-Aided Thirur
11114 SO HSS, Arecode Un-Aided Eranad
11116 MTI HSS, Thalakadathur Un-Aided Thirur
11118 Kattilangadi Yatheemkhana Higher Secondary School Athavanad Un-Aided Thirur
11120 Govt. HSS, Cheriyamundam Government Thirur
11121 Govt. HSS Government Eranad
11122 Govt. HSS, Irumbuzhi Government Eranad
11123 Govt. HSS, Pattikkad Government Perinthalmanna
11124 Govt. Girls HSS, Perinthalmanna Government Perinthalmanna
11125 Govt. HSS, Niramaruthoor Government Thirur
11126 Govt. HSS, Chettiyankinar Government Thirur
11127 Govt. HSS, Kadungapuram, Puzhakkattiri Government Perinthalmanna
11128 Govt. Seethi Haji Memorial HSS, Edavanna Government Eranad
11129 Govt. HSS, Veliamcode Government Ponnani
11130 Govt. VHSS, Omannoor, Cheekode Government Kondotty
11131 Govt. VHSS, Kizhuparamba Government Eranad
11132 Govt. VHSS, Kondotty Government Kondotty
11133 Govt. VHSS, Pullannoor, Valluvambram Government Eranad
11134 Govt. HSS, Peruvallur Government Thiroorangadi
11135 Govt. HSS, Purathoor Government Thirur
11136 Govt. HSS, Ezhur Government Thirur
11137 Govt. HSS, Edakkara, Nilamboor Government Nilambur
11138 Govt. HSS, Aliparamba, Perinthalmanna Government Perinthalmanna
11139 Govt. HSS, Kavanur, Elayoor Government Eranad
11140 GHSS, Nellikuth, Manjeri Government Eranad
11141 Govt. VHSS, Arimbra Government Kondotty
11142 Govt. Girls HSS, Bpangadi Government Thirur
11143 GVHSS, Paravanna Government Thirur
11144 Govt. HSS, Thadathilparamba, Aroor, Olavattur Government Kondotty
11145 Govt. Girls HSS, Wandoor Government Nilambur
11146 Govt. HSS, Porur Government Nilambur
11147 Govt. HSS, Tuvvur Government Nilambur
11148 Govt. HSS, Palappetty Government Ponnani
11149 Govt. HSS, Mankada, Pallippuram Government Perinthalmanna
11150 Govt. VHSS, Kalpakancherry Government Thirur
11151 Govt. HSS, Eranhimangad Government Nilambur
11152 Govt. HSS, Irimbiliyam Government Thirur
11153 Govt. VHSS, Mampad Government Nilambur
11154 Govt. HSS, Mattummal, Athavanad Government Thirur
11155 Govt. VHSS, Vengara Government Thiroorangadi
11156 Govt. Model Vocational Higher Secondary School, Vengara Town Government Thiroorangadi
11157 Govt. HSS, Vaniyambalam Government Nilambur
11158 Govt. HSS, Karakunnu Government Eranad
11159 Govt. VHSS, Makkaraparamba Government Perinthalmanna
11160 Govt. HSS, Puthuparamba Government Thiroorangadi
11161 Govt. HSS, Chelari Government Thiroorangadi
11162 Govt. HSS, Perassannoor Government Thirur
11163 Govt. Regional Fisheries Technical VHSS, Thanur Government Thirur
11164 Govt. HSS, Thrikkav, Ponnani Government Ponnani
11165 Kelappan Memorial Govt. VHSS, Thavannoor Government Ponnani
11166 MES HSS, Irimbiliyam Aided Minority Thirur
11167 Al-huda HSS, Kariyankallu, Karippur Un-Aided Eranad
11168 MIC HSS, Athanikkal, Valluvambram Un-Aided Eranad
11169 ISS HSS, Ezhuvathiruthy, Ponnani Un-Aided Ponnani
11170 Al-furqan English HSS, Santhivayal, Abdu Rahiman Nagar Un-Aided Thiroorangadi
11171 MA HSS, Kodinhi Un-Aided Thiroorangadi
11172 Najmul Huda HSS, Kottakkal Un-Aided Thirur
11173 Noorul Islam HSS, Nellikunnu, Velayappuram, Vengoor Un-Aided Perinthalmanna
11174 Markazu Ssakhafathil Islamiyya HSS, Kundoor Un-Aided Thiroorangadi
11176 Garden Valley EM HSS, Kuttippala Un-Aided Thirur
11177 Anvar English HSS, Thirurkad Un-Aided Perinthalmanna
11178 Najath Higher Secondary School, Peruvallur Un-Aided Thiroorangadi
11179 Mambaul Huda HSS Kuzhichena, Kannattipadi Un-Aided Thiroorangadi
11180 Al-ihsan English HSS Vengara, Ok Muri Un-Aided Thiroorangadi
11181 Modern HSS Pottur Mundur Un-Aided Ponnani
11182 Ideal English HSS Kadakassery, Ayankalam Un-Aided Ponnani
11183 Rahmath Public HSS, Pullur, Karuvambram, Manjeri Un-Aided Eranad
11184 Guidance HSS, Kattuppara, Chelakkad Un-Aided Perinthalmanna
11185 Hsm English and Malayalam Medium HSS, Thanur Un-Aided Thirur
11186 Azhar EM HSS, Maranchery Un-Aided Ponnani
11187 Women's Islamiya College HSS, Eriyad, Wandoor Un-Aided Nilambur
11188 Rahmaniya College HSS, Mampad, Mempadam Un-Aided Nilambur
11189 Pookoya Thangal Memorial HSS, Vellila Un-Aided Perinthalmanna
11190 National Em HSS, Wadinoor, Kodinhi Road, Chemmad, Tirurangadi Un-Aided Thiroorangadi
11191 HMS HSS, Thurackal, Manjeri Un-Aided Eranad
11192 Malabar English HSS, Parappur, Kottakkal Un-Aided Thiroorangadi
11193 National Public HSS, Kilinakode, Cherur Un-Aided Thiroorangadi
11194 Jamiya Islamia HSS, Manjeri Un-Aided Eranad
11195 PMSA PTM HSS, Vettichira, Kadampuzha Un-Aided Thirur
11196 IET HSS, Maravantha, Kavanchery Un-Aided Thirur
11197 Islamiya College HSS, Santhapuram, Puttikad Un-Aided Perinthalmanna
11199 Edavanna Jamia HSS, Edavanna Un-Aided Eranad
11200 Ideal HSS, Dharmagiri, Chelakkad Un-Aided Thiroorangadi
11201 HI Orphanage HSS, Olavattur Un-Aided Eranad
11210 Ramanattukara Higher Secondary School, Ramanattukara Aided General Kondotty
11211 VVM Higher Secondary School, Marakkara, Marakkara, Kadampuzha Aided Minority Thirur
11212 PMSAM Higher Secondary School, Chemmankadavu, Kodur Aided Minority Perinthalmanna
11213 Chekkutty Haji Memorial Higher Secondary School, Pookolothur Aided Minority Eranad
11214 National Higher Secondary School, Kolathur, Kolathur Aided General Perinthalmanna
11215 Cresent Higher Secondary School, Adakkakundu Aided Minority Nilambur
11216 Mannam Smaraka NSS Higher Secondary School, Chakkalakkuth Aided General Nilambur
11217 MPM Higher Secondary School, Chungathara Aided Minority Nilambur
11218 KM Higher Secondary School, Karulai Aided Backward Nilambur
11219 ASM Higher Secondary School, Velliyanchery, Vellliyanchery Aided Backward Perinthalmanna
11220 CPPHM Higher Secondary School, Vellachal, Ozhur Aided Backward Thirur
11221 Kunhimon Haji Memorial Higher Secondary School, Alathiyur Aided Minority Thirur
11222 Abdurahiman Nagar Higher Secondary School, Chendappuraya, Abdurahiman Nagar Aided Minority Thiroorangadi
11223 Kunhahammad Haji Memorial Higher Secondary School, Valakulam Aided Minority Thiroorangadi
11224 Moonniyur Higher Secondary School Aided Minority Thiroorangadi
11225 IU Higher Secondary School, Parappur, Kottakkal Aided Minority Thiroorangadi
11226 RM Higher Secondary School, Melattur Aided General Perinthalmanna
11227 Narokkavu Higher Secondary School, Narokkavu Aided Backward Nilambur
11228 Islahiya Oriental Higher Secondary School, Edavanna Aided Minority Eranad
11229 BEM Higher Secondary School, Parappanangadi Aided Minority Thiroorangadi
11230 PMSA Higher Secondary School, Elankur Aided General Eranad
11231 Tharakan Higher Secondary School, Angadipuram Aided General Perinthalmanna
11232 Darul Uloom Higher Secondary School, Panakkad Aided Minority Eranad
11233 AV Higher Secondary School, Ponnani Aided General Ponnani
11234 SMM Higher Secondary School, Rayirimangalam Aided Minority Thirur
11235 Govt. Higher Secondary School, Muthuvallur Government Kondotty
11236 AKM HSS, Kottoor, Malappuram Aided Minority Thirur
11237 PMSA VHSS, Chappanangadi Aided Minority Thirur
11238 Govt. HSS Ponmundam North Government Thirur
11239 Govt. HSS Chullikode, Kuzhimanna Government Kondotty
11240 IGMR HSS, Nilambur Residential Nilambur
11241 AM HSS, Thirukad Aided General Perinthalmanna
11242 Sullamussalam Oriental HSS, Areekode Aided Minority Eranad
11243 KKM HSS, Cheekode Aided Minority Kondotty
11244 AHSS Parel Mampattumoola Aided Minority Nilambur
11245 CH Muhammed Koya Memmorial HSS Kavanur Aided Minority Eranad
11246 Thachinganadam HSS Aided Backward Perinthalmanna
11247 TSS Vadakkangara Aided Minority Perinthalmanna
11248 MMET HSS Melmuri Aided Minority Eranad
11249 AMHSS Vengoor Aided Minority Perinthalmanna
11250 Crescent HSS Ozhukur Aided Minority Kondotty
11251 Markazul Uloom HSS, Oorakam Aided Backward Thiroorangadi
11252 Vandheri HSS Punnayurkulam Aided General Ponnani
11253 Girls HSS, Ponnani Aided General Ponnani
11254 HIO HSS, Olavattur Aided Minority Kondotty
11255 Cherural HSS Kurumbathur Aided Minority Thirur
11256 CKHSS Manimooly Aided Minority Nilambur
11257 Valanchery Girls Higher Secondary School Aided General Thirur
11301 Izzathu Islam HSS, Kuzhimanna Un-Aided Kondotty
11302 Majma U Higher Secondary School, Therattummal Un-Aided Eranad
11303 Malabar Higher Secondary School, Alathiyoor, Tirur Un-Aided Thirur
11304 Majma U HSS, Vettichira Un-Aided Thirur
11305 Ummul Qura Higher Secondary School, Mongam Un-Aided Eranad
11306 Madin Higher Secondary School, Swalath Nagar, Melmuri Un-Aided Eranad
11307 Islamic Residential HSS, Pookattiri, Edayur Un-Aided Thirur
11308 MAO Higher Secondary School, Elayur Un-Aided Eranad
11309 Al-irshad Public School, Trippanachi Un-Aided Eranad
11310 Vijayamatha EM HSS, Ponnani Un-Aided Ponnani
11311 Markaz HSS, Karathur Un-Aided Thirur
11312 Assisi School for the Deaf, Malaparambu, Palachode Special Perinthalmanna
11313 Peevees Higher Secondary School, Nilambur Un-Aided Nilambur
11314 Karunya Bhavan Higher Secondary School for the Deaf, Vazhakkad Special Kondotty

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