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List: Higher Secondary Schools in Kannur District 'HSS Kerala' School Code, Taluk

Complete list of Higher Secondary Schools (HSS) in Kannur Dist. Know your nearest schools to get earlier admission in your favourite higher secondary

Complete list of Higher Secondary Schools (HSS) in Kannur Dist. Know your nearest schools to get earlier admission in your favourite higher secondary subject in your neighbourhood.

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Higher Secondary Schools in Kannur

List: Higher Secondary Schools in Kannur District 'HSS Kerala' School Code, Taluk

Complete list of Higher Secondary Schools (HSS) in Kannur Dist., Plus Two Science, Computer Science, Commerce, Commerce with Computer Applications (Computer Commerce), Humanities, Journalism and more subject combinations.

Finding a Higher Secondary School (HSS) near your home in the Kannur region is just as important as choosing a Best Higher Secondary Course in Kerala. Getting admission to your nearest school means a student can save plenty of time and money from unwanted travelling. On this page, you can find the full list of HSS / Higher Secondary Schools in Kannur District along with School Code, School Type and Taluk. We hope you can find the Best Educational Institutions in Kerala, and Kannur from the below list.

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From the list below, you can find the nearest Higher Secondary Schools in Kannur District. This list Includes: School code, School Name & Address, School type, and Taluk Name. You can also view the complete course / second language options details of each school by clicking the school code.

School Code School Name, Address School Type Taluk Name
13001 Govt. HSS, Chavassery Government Iritty
13002 Govt. HSS, Chundanga Poil Government Thalassery
13003 Govt. Brennen HSS, Thalassery Government Thalassery
13004 Govt. HSS, Irikkur Government Thaliparamba
13005 KPRGS Govt. HSS, Kalliassery Government Kannur
13006 AVS Govt. HSS, Karivellur Government Payyanur
13007 Govt. HSS, Manathana Government Iritty
13008 CP Narayanan Memorial Govt. HSS, Mathamangalam Government Payyanur
13009 IMNS Govt. HSS, Mayyil Government Thaliparamba
13010 Govt. HSS, Palayad Government Thalassery
13011 Govt. HSS, Pallikkunnu Government Kannur
13012 AKGS GHSS, Peralassery Government Kannur
13013 AKGM Govt. HSS, Pinarayi Government Thalassery
13014 Govt. HSS, Thottada Government Kannur
13015 EK Nayanar Smaraka Govt. HSS, Vengad Government Thalassery
13016 Govt. HSS, Kunjimangalam Government Payyanur
13017 Govt. HSS, Kozhichal Government Payyanur
13018 Govt. HSS, Kottila Government Payyanur
13019 CHMKS Govt. HSS, Mattool Government Kannur
13020 Govt. Town HSS, Kannur Government Kannur
13021 Govt. HSS, Chala Government Kannur
13022 Govt. HSS, Morazha Government Thaliparamba
13023 Govt. HSS, Sreekandapuram Government Thaliparamba
13024 Govt. HSS, Chittaripparamba Government Thalassery
13025 Govt. HSS, Vayakkara Government Payyanur
13026 Govt. HSS, Mathil Government Payyanur
13027 Govt. HSS, Pattiam, Pattiayamkunnu Government Thalassery
13028 Tagore Vidyanikethan GVHSS, Thaliparamba Government Thaliparamba
13029 AKSG HSS, Malappattom Government Thaliparamba
13030 Govt. HSS, Muzhappilangad Government Kannur
13031 Govt. HSS, Chelora Government Kannur
13032 Govt. HSS for Boys, Madai Government Payyanur
13033 Govt. HSS, Chuzhali Government Thaliparamba
13034 GHSS, Cherukunnu Government Kannur
13035 Govt. HSS, Munderi Government Kannur
13036 Govt. HSS, Sreepuram, Manakadavu Government Thaliparamba
13037 Govt. HSS, Vellur Government Payyanur
13038 GGHSS, Thiruvangad, Thalassery Government Thalassery
13039 Govt. HSS, Vadakkumpad Government Thalassery
13040 Govt. HSS, Koothuparamba Government Thalassery
13041 Govt. HSS, Aralam Government Iritty
13042 Govt. HSS, Pala Government Iritty
13043 GVHSS, Kathirur Government Thalassery
13044 Shenoy Smaraka Government HSS, Payyannur, Kandankali, Kannur Government Payyanur
13045 EMS Smaraka Govt. HSS, Pappinissery Government Kannur
13046 PR Memorial HSS, Panoor, Panoor Aided General Thalassery
13047 Nirmala HSS, Chemperi, Chemperi Aided Minority Thaliparamba
13048 DI Sabha Girls HSS, Kannur Aided Minority Kannur
13049 KKV Memorial HSS, Panoor, Panoor Aided General Thalassery
13050 PRM Kolavalloor HSS, Thuvakkunnu, Thuvakunnu Aided General Thalassery
13051 Santhome HSS, Kolakkad, Kolakkad Aided Minority Iritty
13052 St. Mary’s HSS, Edoor, Payam Aided Minority Iritty
13053 Ramavilasom HSS, Chokli Aided General Thalassery
13054 Mambram HSS, Mambram Aided General Thalassery
13055 NSS HSS, Alakkode Aided General Thaliparamba
13056 St. Michael’s Ai BHSS, Kannur Aided Minority Kannur
13057 St. Theresa's AI GHSS, Kannur Aided Minority Kannur
13058 St. Joseph’s HSS, Vayattuparamba Aided Minority Thaliparamba
13059 Anjarakandy HSS, Anjarakandy Aided General Kannur
13060 Tagore Memorial HSS, Vellora Aided General Payyanur
13061 Chovva HSS, Chovva Aided General Kannur
13062 Seethi Sahib HSS, Thaliparamba Aided Minority Thaliparamba
13063 KPC HSS, Pattanur Aided General Thalassery
13064 Kadambur HSS, Edakkad Aided General Kannur
13065 St. Sebastian’s HSS, Velimanom Aided Minority Iritty
13066 NAM Memorial HSS, Peringathur Aided Minority Thalassery
13067 St. Joseph’s HSS, Thalassery Aided Minority Thalassery
13068 Mattannur HSS, Mattannur Aided General Iritty
13069 IJM HSS, Kottiyoor Aided Minority Iritty
13070 MM HSS, Temple Gate, Thalassery Aided Minority Thalassery
13071 SN Trust HSS, Thottada Aided Backward Kannur
13072 Najath Girls HSS, Mattool North Un-Aided Kannur
13073 Rani Jai HSS, Nirmalagiri, Kannur Un-Aided Thalassery
13074 Deenul Islam Sabha HSS, Chirakulam Un-Aided Kannur
13076 CHMM HSS, Vadakkumpad, Ramanthali Un-Aided Thaliparamba
13077 Rahmaniya Orphanage HSS, Irrikkur Un-Aided Thaliparamba
13078 St. Johns Baptist HSS, Kadathumkadavu, Iritti Un-Aided Thalassery
13081 Cherupushpam HSS, Chandanakkampara Un-Aided Thaliparamba
13082 SABTM HSS, Thayineri, Payyannur Un-Aided Thaliparamba
13083 Deva Matha HSS, Paisakkary, Payyavoor Un-Aided Thaliparamba
13084 Khayide Millath HSS, Kavvayi, Payyannur Un-Aided Thaliparamba
13088 Azhekkodu HSS, Azhekkode Un-Aided Kannur
13089 St. Joseph's HSS, Vidyanagar, Cherupuzha Un-Aided Thaliparamba
13095 Govt. City HSS Government Kannur
13096 Govt. HSS, Puzhathi Government Kannur
13097 Govt. HSS, Chirakkara, Thalassery Government Thalassery
13098 Govt. HSS, Ulickal Government Iritty
13099 Govt. HSS, Ramanthaly Government Payyanur
13100 Govt. HSS, Cheruthazham Government Payyanur
13101 Govt. HSS, Kannadipparamba Government Kannur
13102 Govt. HSS, Valapattanam Government Kannur
13103 Govt. HSS, Mambram, Ayithara Mambaram, Kuthuparamba Government Thalassery
13104 Govt. HSS, Chattukapara Government Thaliparamba
13105 Govt. VHSS, Edayanur Government Thalassery
13106 Govt. Welfare HSS, Cherukunnu Government Kannur
13107 Malur GHSS, Tholambara Government Thalassery
13108 Govt. Girls HSS, Payyannur Government Payyanur
13109 Govt. HSS, Kadannappally Government Kannur
13110 Kanianchal Govt. HSS Government Thaliparamba
13111 Govt. Girls HSS, Thalassery Government Thalassery
13112 Govt. HSSs, Kavumbhagam Government Thalassery
13113 Govt. HSS, Korom, Payyannoor Government Payyanur
13114 Thajul Uloom EM HSS, Valapattanam Un-Aided Kannur
13115 Zahra HSS, Thangalpeedika, Mokeri, Kannur Un-Aided Thalassery
13119 Valapattanam, Muslim Welfare Association, Higher Secondary School Un-Aided Kannur
13120 Mary Queens HSS, Kodiyanmala Un-Aided Thaliparamba
13121 Wadihuda HSS, Payangadi Un-Aided Kannur
13122 GHSS, Nedungom Government Thaliparamba
13123 GHSS, Prappoyil Government Payyanur
13124 GHSS Azhikkode, Azhikkode Government Kannur
13125 GHSS Peringome, Peringome Government Payyanur
13126 GHSS Pattuvam, Pattuvam, Kannur Government Thaliparamba
13127 GHSS Kottayam Malabar, Kannur Government Thalassery
13128 Model Residential School, Pattuvam Residential Thaliparamba
13129 MASS Govt. HSS, Ettikkulam Government Payyanur
13130 GHSS Koyyam Government Thaliparamba
13131 GHSS for Girls Madayi, Madayi Government Payyanur
13140 PGM Panchayath Higher Secondary School, Cheruvanchery Government Thalassery
13141 Govt. Higher Secondary School, Thirumeni Government Payyanur
13142 Rajas Higher Secondary School, Chirakkal Aided General Kannur
13143 CHM Higher Secondary School, Elayavoor Aided Minority Kannur
13144 Kariyad Nambiars Higher Secondary School, Kariyad Aided General Thalassery
13145 St. Cornelius Higher Secondary School, Kolayad. P.o, Chittariparamba Aided Minority Thalassery
13146 Rajeev Gandhi Memmorial HSS, Mokeri Aided General Thalassery
13147 CH Muhammed Koya Memmorial H S S, Kavumpady Aided Minority Iritty
13148 MM Higher Secondary School, New Mahe Aided Minority Thalassery
13149 Chothavoor Higher Secondary School, Champad Po, Thalassery Aided General Thalassery
13150 Chapparapadava Higher Secondary School, Chapparapadava Aided Backward Thaliparamba
13151 BVJM Higher Secondary School, Perumpadave Aided Minority Thaliparamba
13152 Kambil Mopla Higher Secondary School Aided Backward Thaliparamba
13153 Sacred Heart Higher Secondary School, Angadikadavu Aided Minority Iritty
13154 St. Thomas Higher Secondary School, Kelakam Aided Minority Iritty
13155 St. Thomas Higher Secondary School, Kilianthara Aided Minority Iritty
13156 Sacred Heart Higher Secondary School, Payyavoor Aided Minority Thaliparamba
13157 Chembilode HSS Aided General Kannur
13158 Iritty Higher Secondary School Aided General Iritty
13159 Puthiyangadi Jama-ath Higher Secondary School, Madayi Aided Minority Payyanur
13160 Kadachira Higher Secondary School Aided General Kannur
13161 Sivapuram HSS Aided General Thalassery
13162 Naduvil Higher Secondary School, Naduvil Aided General Thaliparamba
13163 Parassinikadavu Higher Secondary School Aided Backward Thaliparamba
13164 Moothedath Higher Secondary School, Thaliparamba Aided General Thaliparamba
13165 Sacred Heart Girls Higher Secondary School, Thalassery Aided Minority Thalassery
13166 BEMP Higher Secondary School, Thalasserry Aided Minority Thalassery
13167 Koodali Higher Secondary School Aided General Thalassery
13168 Govt. Higher Secondary School, Padiyoor Government Iritty
13169 Govt. Higher Secondary School, Aroli, Papinassery Government Kannur
13170 Sir Syed HSS, Karimbam, Thaliparamba Aided Minority Thaliparamba
13171 Govt. VHSS Kurumathur Government Thaliparamba
13172 KKNPM Govt. .VHSS Pariyaram Government Thaliparamba
13173 AKASGV HSS Payannur Government Payyanur
13174 VHSS Kadavathoor Aided Minority Thalassery
13175 Azhikode Higher Secondary School Aided General Kannur
13176 Mary Giri HSS, Therthally Aided Minority Thaliparamba
13177 SABTM HSS, Thayineri Aided Minority Payyanur
13178 St. Joseph HSS, Peravur Aided Minority Iritty
13179 St. Thomas Higher Secondary School Manikadavu Aided Minority Iritty
13180 Koothuparamba HSS, Koothuparamba Aided General Thalassery
13181 St. Joseph's HSS, Kunnoth Aided Minority Iritty
13182 Govt. HSS, Aralam Farm Government Iritty
13301 Karakkund Don-bosco Speech & Hearing HSS, Pariyaram Special Thaliparamba

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