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List: Higher Secondary Schools in Alappuzha District 'HSS Kerala' School Code, Taluk

Complete list of Higher Secondary Schools (HSS) in Alappuzha Dist. Know your nearest schools to get earlier admission in your favorite higher seconda

Complete list of Higher Secondary Schools (HSS) in Alappuzha Dist. Know your nearest schools to get earlier admission in your favorite higher secondary subject in your neighbourhood.

Higher Secondary Schools in Alappuzhapixabay

Higher Secondary Schools in Alappuzha

List: Higher Secondary Schools in Alappuzha District 'HSS Kerala' School Code, Taluk

Complete list of Higher Secondary Schools (HSS) in Alappuzha Dist., Plus Two Science, Computer Science, Commerce, Commerce with Computer Applications (Computer Commerce), Humanities, Journalism and more subject combinations.

Finding a Higher Secondary School (HSS) near your home in the Alappuzha region is just as important as choosing a Best Higher Secondary Course in Kerala. Getting admission to your nearest school means a student can save plenty of time and money from unwanted travelling. On this page, you can find the full list of HSS / Higher Secondary Schools in Alappuzha District along with School Code, School Type and Taluk. We hope you can find the Best Educational Institutions in Kerala, and Alappuzha from the below list.

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From the list below, you can find the nearest Higher Secondary Schools in Alappuzha District. This list Includes: School code, School Name & Address, School type, and Taluk Name. You can also view the complete course / second language options details of each school by clicking the school code.

School Code School Name, Address School Type Taluk Name
4001 Govt. HSS, ALA, Chengannur Government Chengannoor
4002 Govt. MHSS, Ambalappuzha Government Ambalappuzha
4003 SNM Govt. BHSS, Cherthala Government Cherthala
4004 Govt. MBHSS, Harippad Government Karthikappally
4005 Govt. HSS, Kalavoor Government Ambalappuzha
4006 Govt. Boys HSS, Kayamkulam Government Karthikappally
4007 Govt. HSS, Kidangara Government Kuttanad
4008 Govt. HSS, Kunnam, Mavelikara Government Mavelikkara
4009 Govt. HSS, Perumpalam, Cherthala Government Cherthala
4010 Govt. HSS, Chandiroor Government Cherthala
4011 Govt. DVHSS, Charamangalam Government Cherthala
4012 Govt. Muhamaden S Boys HSS Government Ambalappuzha
4013 Govt. GHSS, Mavelikkara Government Mavelikkara
4014 Govt. HSS, Thiruvanvandoor, Chengannoor Government Chengannoor
4015 Govt. HSS, Budhanoor Government Chengannoor
4016 Kkm Govt. HSS, Elippakkulam Government Mavelikkara
4017 Govt. HSS, Angadikkal South, Chengaannur Government Chengannoor
4018 Govt. HSS, Chunakkara, Mavelikkara Government Mavelikkara
4019 Govt. HSS, Mangalam Government Karthikappally
4020 Govt. HSS, Ayaparambu, Cheruthana Government Karthikappally
4021 Govt. HSS, SL Puram, Kanjikkuzhi Government Cherthala
4022 Govt. Girls HSS, Cherthala Government Cherthala
4023 Govt. Girls HSS, Harippad Government Karthikappally
4024 Govt. Girls HSS, Kayamkulam Government Karthikappally
4025 Scu GVHSS, Pattanakkad, Cherthala Government Cherthala
4026 Govt. VHSS, Mulakkuzha Government Chengannoor
4027 TD HSS, Thuravoor Aided Minority Cherthala
4028 Vaduthala Jama ATH HSS, Naduvath Nagar Aided Backward Cherthala
4029 Lajanathul Muhammadiya HSS Aided Minority Ambalappuzha
4030 St. Joseph's HSS Aided Minority Ambalappuzha
4031 Amrita HSS, Vallikkunnam Aided General Mavelikkara
4032 NS HSS, Nedumudi Aided General Kuttanad
4033 St. Mary's HSS, Champakkulam Aided Minority Kuttanad
4034 Aravukad HSS, Punnappra Aided Backward Ambalappuzha
4035 SNDP HSS, Kuttamangalam Aided Backward Kuttanad
4036 St. Aloysius HSS, Edathua Aided Minority Kuttanad
4037 NSS HSS, Ramankari Aided General Kuttanad
4038 NSS HSS, Karuvatta Aided General Karthikappally
4039 MSM HSS, Kayamkulam Aided Backward Karthikappally
4040 Bishop Hodges HSS, Mavelikkara Aided Minority Mavelikkara
4041 Pope Pious XI HSS, Bharanikkavu Aided Minority Mavelikkara
4042 VV HSS, Thamarakkulam Aided General Mavelikkara
4043 NS BHSS, Mannar, Alappuzha Aided General Chengannoor
4044 Leo XIII HSS, Alappuzha Aided Minority Ambalappuzha
4045 SNM HSS, Purakkad Aided Backward Ambalappuzha
4046 SN HSS, Sreekandeswaram, Poochackal Aided Backward Cherthala
4047 St. Francis Assissi HSS, Arthinkal Aided Minority Cherthala
4048 St. Joseph's HSS, Pulinkunnu Aided Minority Kuttanad
4049 LM HSS, Pacha Aided Minority Kuttanad
4050 St. John's HSS, Mattom Aided Minority Mavelikkara
4051 TD HSS Aided Minority Ambalappuzha
4052 SD VB HSS Aided General Ambalappuzha
4053 Padanilam HSS, Nooranad Aided General Mavelikkara
4054 Dbhss, Thakazhi Aided General Kuttanad
4055 RVSM HSS, Prayar, Ochira Aided General Karthikappally
4056 NRPM HSS, Kayamkulam Aided General Karthikappally
4057 MTM HSS, Venmani Aided Minority Chengannoor
4058 Metropolitan HSS, Puthenkavu Aided Minority Chengannoor
4059 DBHSS, Cheriyanadu Aided General Chengannoor
4060 VHSS, Kanichukulangara Aided Backward Cherthala
4061 Holy Family HSS, Muttam, Cherthala Aided Minority Cherthala
4062 NSS HSS, Panavalli Aided General Cherthala
4063 HSS, Kandamangalam, Aroor Aided Backward Cherthala
4064 St. Augestine's HSS, Aroor Aided Minority Cherthala
4065 AB Vilasom HSS, Muhamma Aided Backward Cherthala
4066 NSS HSS, Kavalam Aided General Kuttanad
4067 St. George HSS, Muttar Aided Minority Kuttanad
4068 HSS, Thiruvambadi Aided General Ambalappuzha
4069 Holy Family HSS, Kattoor Aided Minority Ambalappuzha
4070 KV Sanskrit HSS, Muthukul Aided Backward Karthikappally
4071 PKKSM HSS, Kayamkulam Aided Minority Karthikappally
4072 SN Trust HSS, Mararikulam North Aided Backward Cherthala
4073 Samajam HSS, Muthukulam Aided General Karthikappally
4074 Sree Bhuvaneswari HSS, Mannar Un-Aided Chengannoor
4075 Our Lady of Mercy EM HSS, Aroor Un-Aided Cherthala
4076 St. Thomas HSS, Neerettupuram Un-Aided Kuttanad
4077 Bishop Moore HSS, Akanattukara, Mavelikara Un-Aided Mavelikkara
4078 Carmel Academy EM HSS, Pazhavangady Un-Aided Ambalappuzha
4079 Bethany Balikamatom HSS, Nangiarkulangara Un-Aided Karthikappally
4080 St. Mary's GHSS, Kayamkulam Un-Aided Karthikappally
4081 Sree Vitobha HSS, Kayamkulam Un-Aided Karthikappally
4082 VHSS, Chathiyara, Thamarakulam Un-Aided Mavelikkara
4084 St. Anne's GHSS, Angadikkal, Chengannur Un-Aided Chengannoor
4085 Naduvattom HSS, Pallipadu Un-Aided Karthikappally
4088 Govt. HSS, Thiruneloor, Cherthala Government Cherthala
4089 Govt. HSS, Cherthala South Government Cherthala
4090 Vayalar Rama Varma Memorial Govt. HSS, Vayalar Government Cherthala
4091 Govt. VVHSS, Kodenthuruthu Government Cherthala
4092 Govt. HSS, Ramapuram, Keerikkad Government Karthikappally
4093 Govt. BHSS, Mavelikkara Government Mavelikkara
4094 K.K.Kunchu Pillai Memorial HSS, Ambalappuzha Government Ambalappuzha
4095 Govt. Girls HSS Government Ambalappuzha
4096 Govt. VHSS, Aryad Government Ambalappuzha
4097 Govt. HSS, Thalavady, Kuttanad Government Kuttanad
4098 Govt. Mohammadens Girls HSS Government Ambalappuzha
4099 Govt. HSS, Thanneermukkam Government Cherthala
4100 Govt. SVHSS, Kudasanad Government Mavelikkara
4101 Govt. HSS, Valiazheekal Government Karthikappally
4102 SN Trust HSS, Cheriyanad Aided Backward Chengannoor
4103 SN Trust HSS, Pallippad Aided Backward Karthikappally
4104 Technical HSS, IHRD, Pallipuram, Cherthala Technical Cherthala
4105 CBM HSS, Nooranad Un-Aided Mavelikkara
4107 Model Residential HSS, Vadackal, Punnapra Residential Ambalappuzha
4108 Mahatma Higher Secondary School for Boys, Chennithala Aided General Mavelikkara
4109 Govt. HSS, Kakkazhom Government Ambalappuzha
4110 Govt. HSS, Puliyoor Government Chengannoor
4111 Govt. HSS, Paravoor Government Ambalappuzha
4112 Govt. HSS, Thevarvattom Poochakkal Government Cherthala
4113 HSS Veeyapuram Government Karthikappally
4114 Lutheran HSS, South Aryad Aided Minority Ambalappuzha
4115 Devi Vilasom HSS, Kandankeri Aided General Kuttanad
4116 CKHSS, Cheppad Aided Minority Karthikappally
4117 Higher Secondary School, Chettikulangara Aided General Mavelikkara
4118 St.thomas HSS, Karthikappally Aided Minority Karthikappally
4119 St.raphel's HSS, Ezhupunna Aided Minority Cherthala
4120 Kopparathu HSS, Puthiyavila Aided General Karthikappally
4121 Viswabharathi Model HSS, Krishnapuram Aided General Karthikappally
4122 KKK VM HSS, Pothappally Aided General Karthikappally
4123 AJ Memorial HSS, Kainady Aided Minority Kuttanad
4124 SV HSS, Pandanadu Aided General Chengannoor
4125 MKAM HSS Pallana Aided General Karthikappally
4126 Valamangalam Service Co-Op. Society HSS Aided General Cherthala
4127 NSS HSS, Kurathikad Aided General Mavelikkara
4301 Mother Teresa Higher Secondary School, Muhamma Un-Aided Cherthala

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