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List: Higher Secondary Schools in Ernakulam District 'HSS Kerala' School Code, Taluk

Complete list of Higher Secondary Schools (HSS) in Ernakulam Dist. Know your nearest schools to get earlier admission in your favorite higher seconda

Complete list of Higher Secondary Schools (HSS) in Ernakulam Dist. Know your nearest schools to get earlier admission in your favourite higher secondary subject in your neighbourhood.

Higher Secondary Schools in Ernakulampixabay

Higher Secondary Schools in Ernakulam.

List: Higher Secondary Schools in Ernakulam District 'HSS Kerala' School Code, Taluk

Complete list of Higher Secondary Schools (HSS) in Ernakulam Dist., Plus Two Science, Computer Science, Commerce, Commerce with Computer Applications (Computer Commerce), Humanities, Journalism and more subject combinations.

Finding a Higher Secondary School (HSS) near your home in the Ernakulam region is just as important as choosing a Best Higher Secondary Course in Kerala. Getting admission to your nearest school means a student can save plenty of time and money from unwanted travelling. On this page, you can find the full list of HSS / Higher Secondary Schools in Ernakulam District along with School Code, School Type and Taluk. We hope you can find the Best Educational Institutions in Kerala, and Ernakulam from the below list.

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From the list below, you can find the nearest Higher Secondary Schools in Ernakulam District. This list Includes: School code, School Name & Address, School type, and Taluk Name. You can also view the complete course / second language options details of each school by clicking the school code.

School Code School Name, Address School Type Taluk Name
7001 Govt. HSS, Akanad, Mudakuzha, Perumbavoor Government Kunnathunad
7002 Paliyam Govt. HSS, Chendamangalam Government Paravoor
7003 Govt. HSS, Edappalli Government Kanayannoor
7004 Govt. HSS, Elamkunnappuzha Government Kochi
7005 Govt. Girls HSS, Kochi Government Kanayannoor
7006 Govt. Girls HSS, Mattanchery Government Kochi
7007 Govt. HSS, Mookkannur Government Aluva
7008 Govt. HSS, Sivankunnu, Moovattupuzha Government Moovattupuzha
7009 Govt. HSS, Namakkuzhy, Mulakulam North, Piravom Government Moovattupuzha
7010 Govt. HSS, North Paravur Government Paravoor
7011 Govt. Boys HSS, Perumbavoor Government Kunnathunad
7012 Govt. HSS, Puliyanam Government Aluva
7013 Govt. HSS, Nayathode Government Aluva
7014 Govt. Boys HSS, Aluva Government Aluva
7015 Govt. Model HSS, Cheruvattur Government Kothamangalam
7016 Govt. HSS, Chathamattom Government Kothamangalam
7017 Govt. Girls HSS, Kuttampuzha Government Kothamangalam
7018 Govt. HSS, Kadayirippu Government Kunnathunad
7019 Govt. Girls HSS, North Parvur Government Paravoor
7020 Edward Memorial Govt. HSS, Veli, Fort Cochin Government Kochi
7021 Govt. Girls HSS, Aluva Government Aluva
7022 Govt. VHSS for Boys, Thrippunithura Government Kanayannoor
7023 Govt. HSS, Mulanthuruthy Government Kanayannoor
7024 Govt. HSS, Elamakkara Government Kanayannoor
7025 Govt. HSS, Kongorppilly Government Paravoor
7026 Govt. VHSS, Kalamassery Government Kanayannoor
7027 Govt. HSS, Edathala Government Aluva
7028 Govt. HSS, Manjapra Government Aluva
7029 Govt. HSS, Chengamangad Government Aluva
7030 Govt. HSS, Poothrika Government Kunnathunad
7031 Govt. Sanskrit HSS, Thripoonithura Government Kanayannoor
7032 Govt. HSS Puthenthode, Chellanam Government Kochi
7033 Govt. Model HSS, Palakkuzha Government Moovattupuzha
7034 SRV Govt. HSS Government Kanayannoor
7035 Govt. HSS, Neriyamangalam, Kothamangalam Government Kothamangalam
7036 SNDP HSS, Udayamperur Aided Backward Kanayannoor
7037 SDPY HSS, Palluruthy Aided Backward Kochi
7038 Jayakeralam HSS, Pulluvazhi Aided General Kunnathunad
7039 Mar Elias HSS, Kottappady Aided Minority Kothamangalam
7040 SNM HSS, Moothakunnam Aided Backward Paravoor
7041 VCS HSS, Puthenvelikkara Aided Backward Paravoor
7042 St. Mary's HSS, Morakkala Aided General Kunnathunad
7043 St. Sebastians HSS, Gothuruthy Aided Backward Paravoor
7044 SM HSS, Cherai Aided Backward Kochi
7045 HSS of Jesus, Kothad Aided Minority Kanayannoor
7046 Cardinal HSS, Thrikkakkara Aided Minority Kanayannoor
7047 St. Philomina's HSS, Koonammavu Aided Minority Paravoor
7048 NSS BHSS, Manickamangalam Aided General Aluva
7049 St. Thomas's HSS, Keezhillam Aided Minority Kunnathunad
7050 St. Augustine's HSS, Kalloorkkad Aided Minority Moovattupuzha
7051 St. Mary's HSS, Arakkuzha Aided Minority Moovattupuzha
7052 Fr. Joseph Memorial HSS, Puthuppadi, Muvattupuzha Aided General Kothamangalam
7053 SNDP HSS, Muvattupuzha Aided Backward Moovattupuzha
7054 TT HSS, Kavumkara, Muvattupuzha Market Aided Backward Moovattupuzha
7055 St. George HSS, Kothamangalam Aided Minority Kothamangalam
7056 St. Stephen's HSS, Keerampara Aided General Kothamangalam
7057 Mar Basil HSS, Kothamangalam Aided Minority Kothamangalam
7058 NSS HSS, Varappetty Aided General Kothamangalam
7059 St. Ignatius HSS, Kanjiramattom Aided General Kanayannoor
7060 St. Mary's HSS, Thalakkode Aided General Kanayannoor
7061 MGM HSS, Kuruppumpadi, Perumbavoor Aided Minority Kunnathunad
7062 St. Alberts HSS Aided Minority Kanayannoor
7063 Sacred Heart HSS, Thevara Aided Minority Kanayannoor
7064 Sree Narayana HSS, Okkal Aided Backward Kunnathunad
7065 SN HSS, Thrikkanarvattom, Ayyappankavu Aided Backward Kanayannoor
7066 SNV Sanskrit HSS, Nanthiattukunnam, N. Parvur Aided Backward Paravoor
7067 St. Peter's HSS, Kumbalangi Aided Minority Kochi
7068 KPM HSS, Poothotta Aided Backward Kanayannoor
7069 St. Theresa's CGHSS Aided Minority Kanayannoor
7070 St. Sebastians HSS, Palluruthy Aided Minority Kochi
7071 Darul Uloom HSS, Veekshanam Rd., Pulleppadi Aided Minority Kanayannoor
7072 St. Francis HSS for Girls, Aluva Aided Minority Aluva
7073 St. Mary's GHSS, Market Road Aided Minority Kanayannoor
7074 St. Antony's HSS, Kacherippadi Aided Minority Kanayannoor
7075 St. Peter's HSS, Elanji Aided Minority Moovattupuzha
7076 MCM HSS, Pattimattom Aided Minority Kunnathunad
7077 St. John's HSS, Vadakara, Oliyappuram, Koothattukulam Aided Minority Moovattupuzha
7078 Asramam HSS, Perumbavoor Aided Minority Kunnathunad
7079 St. Augustine's GHSS, Kothamangalam Aided Minority Kothamangalam
7080 Mar Kauma HSS, Vengoor Aided Minority Kunnathunad
7081 Rajarshi Memorial HSS, Vadavucode Aided Minority Kunnathunad
7082 SN HSS, N Paravoor Aided Backward Paravoor
7083 HMYS HSS, Kottuvallikad Aided Backward Paravoor
7084 NSS HSS, Parakadavu Aided General Aluva
7085 SNDP HSS, Aluva Aided Backward Aluva
7086 St. Thomas HSS, Malayattoor Aided Minority Aluva
7087 Brahmanandodayam HSS, Kalady Aided General Aluva
7088 Holy Ghost. Convent Girls HSS, Thottakkattukara Aided Minority Aluva
7089 St. Peter's HSS, Kolenchery Aided Minority Kunnathunad
7090 St. Augustine's Girls HSS, Moovattupuzha Aided Minority Moovattupuzha
7091 MKM HSS, Piravam Aided Minority Moovattupuzha
7092 Hidayalthul Islam HSS, Edavankkad Aided Backward Kochi
7093 Santha Cruz HSS, Fort Kochi Aided Minority Kochi
7094 Valayanchirangara HSS, Valayanchirangara Aided General Kunnathunad
7095 Jamaath HSS Thandakad Mudickal Aided Minority Kunnathunad
7096 St. Joseph's HSS, Paingottoor Aided Minority Kothamangalam
7097 St. John's HSS Kavalangad, Nellimattom Po, Kothamangalam Aided Minority Kothamangalam
7098 Model Technical HSS, Kaloor Technical Kanayannoor
7099 Model Technical HSS, Chengamanad Technical Aluva
7100 Govt. HSS Pampakuda Government Moovattupuzha
7101 St. Joseph's HSS Trikkakara Un-Aided Kanayannoor
7102 Rajagiri HSS Kalamassery Un-Aided Kanayannoor
7103 St. Joseph's CG HSS Thruppunithura Un-Aided Kanayannoor
7104 HM Trust. HSS Randarkara Un-Aided Moovattupuzha
7105 Nirmala EM HSS, Muvattupuzha Un-Aided Moovattupuzha
7106 Nirmala EM HSS Aluva Un-Aided Aluva
7107 Mary Matha EM HSS, Thrikkakara Un-Aided Kanayannoor
7108 Panangad HSS, Panangad, Kochi Un-Aided Kanayannoor
7109 SDPY GHSS, Palluruthy Un-Aided Kochi
7110 LMC HSS, Pachalam Un-Aided Kanayannoor
7112 OLC GHSS, Palluruthy Un-Aided Kochi
7113 NIV HSS, Marappally, Aluva Un-Aided Kunnathunad
7114 St. Joseph's HSS, Chengal, Kalady Un-Aided Aluva
7115 SNDP HSS, Neeleeswaram, Kalady Un-Aided Aluva
7116 St. Jude EM HSS, Karnakodam Un-Aided Kanayannoor
7117 Star Jesus HSS, Karukutty Un-Aided Aluva
7118 St. Joseph's HSS, Piravam Un-Aided Moovattupuzha
7119 Hill Valley HSS, Thrikkakara Un-Aided Kanayannoor
7120 Christava Mahilalayam HSS, Aluva, Thottumugham Un-Aided Aluva
7121 Abdulla Haji Ahammed Sait Memorial Kmea Al-manar HSS, Kuzhivelippady, Edathala Un-Aided Aluva
7122 St. Anne's HSS, Eloor Un-Aided Paravoor
7124 Islamic HSS, Aluva Un-Aided Aluva
7125 St. Joseph's HSS, Koonamavu Un-Aided Paravoor
7126 Anita Vidyalaya HSS, Tannipuzha, Okkal Un-Aided Kunnathunad
7127 Asia Bai HSS, Mattanchery Un-Aided Kochi
7129 Hail Mary EM HSS, Perumpally Un-Aided Kanayannoor
7130 Fatima Matha HSS, Piravom Un-Aided Moovattupuzha
7131 Guardian Angel HSS, Manjummel, Udyogamandal, Aluva Un-Aided Paravoor
7132 Bapuji EM HSS, Koothattukulam Un-Aided Moovattupuzha
7133 Guardian Angel EM HSS, Mannoor, Keezhillam Un-Aided Kunnathunad
7134 TD HSS, Mattanchery Un-Aided Kochi
7136 St. Sebastian's HSS, Anicadu Un-Aided Moovattupuzha
7137 Santa Cruz HSS, Ochenthuruth Un-Aided Kochi
7138 Infant Jesus HSS, Vazhakulam, Muvattupuzha Un-Aided Moovattupuzha
7139 Raghava Panickar MHSS, Kumbalam Un-Aided Kanayannoor
7140 Gujarathy Vidyalaya HSS, Mattancherry Un-Aided Kochi
7141 MTM HSS, Pampakuda Aided General Moovattupuzha
7142 Technical HSS, High Road, Aluva Technical Aluva
7143 Govt. VHSS, Kadamakudy Government Kanayannoor
7144 Govt. VHSS, Njarakkal Government Kochi
7145 Govt. HSS, Vennala Government Kanayannoor
7146 Govt. HSS, Central Calvathy, Kochi Government Kochi
7147 Govt. HSS, Chowara Government Aluva
7148 Govt. HSS, Ezhipuram South Government Kunnathunad
7149 Govt. VHSS, Pallarimangalam Government Kothamangalam
7150 Govt. Girls HSS, Perumbavoor Government Kunnathunad
7151 Govt. HSS, Edappalli North Government Kanayannoor
7152 Govt. HSS, Mamalassery, Piravom Government Moovattupuzha
7153 Govt. HSS, Mannanthoor, Thirumaradi Government Moovattupuzha
7154 Govt. HSS, Pezhakkappally, Payippara Government Moovattupuzha
7155 Govt. HSS, Muppathadam Government Paravoor
7156 Govt. HSS, Kallil Methala, Aswamannoor Government Kunnathunad
7157 Govt. HSS, Chottanikkara Government Kanayannoor
7158 Govt. HSS, Eloor, Aluva Government Paravoor
7159 Govt. HSS, Piravom Government Moovattupuzha
7160 Govt. HSS, Pazhamthottam Government Kunnathunad
7161 GHSS, Ooramana Government Moovattupuzha
7162 Govt. HSS, Vazhakulam Government Kunnathunad
7163 Govt. HSS, Cheranalloor, Perumbavoor Government Kunnathunad
7164 Govt. HSS, Ezhikkara, North Paravur Government Paravoor
7165 Govt. HSS, Puthiyakavu, North Paravur Government Paravoor
7166 Govt. HSS, Maneedu Government Moovattupuzha
7167 Govt. Girls HSS, Thrippunithura Government Kanayannoor
7168 Govt. Model HSS, Muvattupuzha Government Moovattupuzha
7169 The Aluva Settlement HSS, Aluva Un-Aided Paravoor
7170 ACSEM HSS Kaloor, Kochi Un-Aided Kanayannoor
7171 Vidhyadhiraja Vidhyabhavan HSS, Aluva Un-Aided Aluva
7172 St. Mary's Anglo Indian Girls HSS, Fort Cochin Un-Aided Kochi
7173 MPMEM HSS, Thammanam Un-Aided Kanayannoor
7174 Vimala Matha HSS, Kadalikkadu Un-Aided Moovattupuzha
7176 DE Paul EM HSS, Angamaly Un-Aided Aluva
7177 St. Joseph's HSS, Kidangoor Un-Aided Aluva
7180 Model Residential HSS, Thottumugham, Keezhmadu, Aluva Residential Aluva
7181 Govt. HSS Kuttamassery Government Aluva
7182 Govt. VHSS, Mangayil Government Kanayannoor
7183 GHSS Panampilly Nagar Government Kanayannoor
7184 Govt. HSS Mudikkal Government Kunnathunad
7185 St. Sebastians HSS, Anikadu Aided Minority Moovattupuzha
7186 Sacret Heart HSS Ayavana Aided Minority Moovattupuzha
7187 Kalady Plantation HSS Aided General Aluva
7188 Al-farookhiya HSS, Cheranellore, Kochi Aided Minority Kanayannoor
7189 St. Paul's HSS, Veliyanadu Aided Minority Kanayannoor
7190 FMCT HSS Karumalloor Aided Backward Paravoor
7191 St. Joseph HSS Kizhakkambalam Aided Minority Kunnathunad
7192 HSS Koothattukulam Aided General Moovattupuzha
7193 Panangad VHSS Aided General Kanayannoor
7194 St. Thomas HSS, Ayiroor Aided Minority Paravoor
7195 St. Augustine's Girls HSS Kuzhuppilli Aided General Kochi
7196 St. Marys HSS, Vallarpadam Aided Minority Kanayannoor
7197 Bhagavathi Vilasom HSS Aided General Kochi
7198 Mar Athanasius HSS, Athani Aided General Aluva
7199 TV Joseph Memorial HSS, Pindimana Aided General Kothamangalam
7200 St. George HSS Vennikulam Aided Minority Kunnathunad
7201 MSVHSS Valakam Aided General Moovattupuzha
7202 St. George's Higher Secondary School Puthenpally Aided Minority Paravoor
7203 OLCG HSS, Palluruthy Ernakulam Aided Minority Kochi
7204 CCPLM Anglo-Indian HSS, Perumanoo Aided Minority Kanayannoor
7205 OLFHSS Kumbalangy Aided Minority Kochi
7206 Ebenezer HSS, Veettoor Aided Minority Kunnathunad
7207 SNDP HSS Neeleswaram Aided Backward Aluva
7208 St. John's HSS, Pulinthanam Aided General Moovattupuzha
7209 GVHSS, Maradi, Muvattupuzha Government Moovattupuzha
7210 St. Joseph's HSS, Chengal Aided Minority Aluva
7211 St. Joseph's Girls HSS, Karukutty Aided Minority Aluva
7212 Vimala Matha HSS, Kadalikad Aided Minority Moovattupuzha
7214 St. Joseph's HSS, Kidangoor Aided Minority Aluva
7215 Mar Agustins HSS, Thuravur Aided Minority Aluva
7300 St. Clare Oral School for the Deaf, Manickamagalam, Kalady Special Aluva
7301 K Karunakaran Memorial HSS, Cheruvattoor, Kothamangalam Un-Aided Kothamangalam

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