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List: Higher Secondary Schools in Kozhikode (Calicut) District 'HSS Kerala' School Code, Taluk

Complete list of Higher Secondary Schools (HSS) in Kozhikkode Dist (Calicut). Know your nearest schools to get earlier admission in your favourite hig

Complete list of Higher Secondary Schools (HSS) in Kozhikkode Dist (Calicut). Know your nearest schools to get earlier admission in your favourite higher secondary subject in your neighbourhood.

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Higher Secondary Schools in Kozhikkode

List: Higher Secondary Schools in Kozhikkode District 'HSS Kerala' School Code, Taluk

Complete list of Higher Secondary Schools (HSS) in Kozhikkode Dist., Plus Two Science, Computer Science, Commerce, Commerce with Computer Applications (Computer Commerce), Humanities, Journalism and more subject combinations.

Finding a Higher Secondary School (HSS) near your home in the Kozhikkode region is just as important as choosing a Best Higher Secondary Course in Kerala. Getting admission to your nearest school means a student can save plenty of time and money from unwanted travelling. On this page, you can find the full list of HSS / Higher Secondary Schools in Kozhikkode District along with School Code, School Type and Taluk. We hope you can find the Best Educational Institutions in Kerala, and Kozhikkode from the below list.

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From the list below, you can find the nearest Higher Secondary Schools in Kozhikode District. This list Includes: School code, School Name & Address, School type, and Taluk Name. You can also view the complete course / second language options details of each school by clicking the school code.

School Code School Name, Address School Type Local BodyTaluk Name
10001 Govt. Ganapath Girls HSS, Chalappuram Government Kozhikkode
10002 Govt. HSS, East Hill Government Kozhikkode
10003 Govt. HSS, Koduvally Government Thamarassery
10004 Govt. HSS, Kokkallur Government Koyilandi
10005 Govt. Girls HSS, Koyilandy Government Koyilandi
10006 Govt. Model HSS, Kozhikkode Government Kozhikkode
10007 Govt. HSS, Kuttiady Government Vadakara
10008 Govt. VHSS, Madappally Government Vadakara
10009 Govt. HSS, Mavoor, Kozhikkode, Kanniparamba Government Kozhikkode
10010 Govt. VHSS, Meppayur Government Koyilandi
10011 Govt. HSS, Kayanna, Mattamode Government Koyilandi
10012 Govt. JNM HSS, Puthuppanam Government Vadakara
10013 Govt. Sanskrit HSS, Meppayil, Vadakara Government Vadakara
10014 Govt. HSS, Valayam Government Vadakara
10015 Govt. HSS, Vadakara, Puthur Po, Nut Street Government Vadakara
10016 Govt. HSS, Azhiyoor Government Vadakara
10017 Govt. Mopla HSS, Koyilandy Government Koyilandi
10018 Govt. HSS, Poonur Government Thamarassery
10019 Govt. HSS. Medical College Campus, Chevayoor Government Kozhikkode
10020 Govt. HSS, Beypore Government Kozhikkode
10021 REC Govt. HSS, Chathamangalam Government Kozhikkode
10022 Govt. HSS, Kuttikkattur Government Kozhikkode
10023 Govt. VHSS, Payyoli Government Koyilandi
10024 Govt. HSS, Kallachi Government Vadakara
10025 Govt. Girls HSS, Nadakkavu Government Kozhikkode
10026 Govt. GHSS, Balussery Government Koyilandi
10027 Govt. HSS, Kolathur Government Kozhikkode
10028 Govt. HSS, Chorode, Kurikkilad Government Vadakara
10029 KKM Govt. HSS, Orkatteri, Eramala Government Vadakara
10030 Govt. HSS, Velliyode, Kodiyura Government Vadakara
10031 Pavandoor HSS, Pavandoor Aided General Kozhikkode
10032 Perambra HSS, Perambra Aided General Koyilandi
10033 Tim Girls HSS, Nadapuram Aided Minority Vadakara
10034 RAC HSS, Katameri Aided Minority Vadakara
10035 Naduvannur HSS, Vakayad Aided General Koyilandi
10036 Nanminda HSS, Nanminda Aided General Kozhikkode
10037 Rahmania HSS for Handicapped, Medical College Aided Minority Kozhikkode
10038 Markaz HSS, Karanthoor Aided Minority Kozhikkode
10039 St. Sebastian's HSS, Koodaranji Aided Minority Thamarassery
10040 BEM Girls HSS, Bank Road Aided Minority Kozhikkode
10041 Nochad HSS, Nochad Aided Minority Koyilandi
10042 St. Joseph's Boys HSS Aided Minority Kozhikkode
10043 Zamorin's HSS, Chalappuram Aided General Kozhikkode
10044 Chennamangallur HSS, Mukkam Aided Minority Kozhikkode
10045 Farook HSS, Farook College Aided Minority Kozhikkode
10046 St. Joseph's a I GHSS Aided Minority Kozhikkode
10047 Malabar Christian College HSS Aided Minority Kozhikkode
10048 Savio HSS, Devagiry Aided Minority Kozhikkode
10049 Ramakrishana Mission HSS Aided General Kozhikkode
10050 JDT Islam HSS Aided Minority Kozhikkode
10051 Calicut Girls HSS Aided Minority Kozhikkode
10052 MM VHSS, Parappil Aided Minority Kozhikkode
10053 Mim HSS, Perode Aided Minority Vadakara
10054 Memunda HSS, Viliappalli Aided General Vadakara
10055 Iringannur HSS, Iringannur Aided General Vadakara
10056 St. Joseph's HSS, Kodanchery Aided Minority Thamarassery
10057 Sacred Heart HSS, Thiruvampadi Aided Minority Thamarassery
10058 Umbichiy Haji HSS, Chaliyam Aided Minority Kozhikkode
10059 Calicut HSS for the Handicapped, Kolathara Special Kozhikkode
10060 Palora HSS, Ulliyeri Aided General Koyilandi
10061 Thiruvangoor HSS, Koilandy Aided General Koyilandi
10062 St. George HSS, Kulathuvayal, Kayanna Aided Minority Koyilandi
10063 Kunnamangalam HSS, Kunnamangalam Aided General Kozhikkode
10064 Himayathul Islam HSS Aided Minority Kozhikkode
10065 AKKR HSS for Girls, Chelannur Aided General Kozhikkode
10066 Providence HSS for Girls , Nadakkavu Aided Minority Kozhikkode
10067 Mohammed Ali Johar HSS, Elettil Aided Minority Thamarassery
10068 National HSS, Vattoli Aided General Vadakara
10069 Salafi HSS, Meppayur Un-Aided Koyilandi
10070 Presentation HSS, Chevayur Un-Aided Kozhikkode
10071 Sree Narayana HSS, Vadakara Un-Aided Vadakara
10072 Venerini English Medium HSS, Farook Un-Aided Kozhikkode
10073 Calicut Islamic HSS, Mathara Un-Aided Kozhikkode
10074 Chinmaya Vidyalaya HSS, Nellikode Un-Aided Kozhikkode
10075 KMO HSS, Koduvally Un-Aided Kozhikkode
10076 Kuttamboore HSS, Punnasseery, Narikkunnu Un-Aided Kozhikkode
10078 MUM HSS, Vadakara Un-Aided Vadakara
10079 Ilahiya HSS, Kappadu Un-Aided Koyilandi
10081 Silver Hills HSS Un-Aided Kozhikkode
10082 Shri Gujarathi Vidyalaya HSS Un-Aided Kozhikkode
10083 Cresent HSS, Vanimel, Kodiyura Un-Aided Vadakara
10084 NSS HSS, Meenchantha Un-Aided Kozhikkode
10085 JDT Islam HSS, Marykunnu Un-Aided Kozhikkode
10086 Islamic Academy English HSS, Kottakkal, Iringal Un-Aided Koyilandi
10088 Auxiliam Nava Jyothi HSS, Kunnamangalam Un-Aided Kozhikkode
10090 MKHMMO HSS, Manassery, Mukkam Aided Minority Kozhikkode
10091 SIA College HSS, Ummathur, Parakkadavu Un-Aided Vadakara
10093 Govt. VHSS, Koyilandy Government Koyilandi
10094 Govt. HSS, Puthuppady Government Thamarassery
10095 Govt. HSS, Thamarassery Government Thamarassery
10096 Govt. Girls HSS, Madappally Government Vadakara
10097 Govt. HSS, Azchavattom Government Kozhikkode
10098 Govt. VHSS, Kuttichira Government Kozhikkode
10099 Govt. HSS, Narikuni Government Thamarassery
10100 Govt. HSS, Payambra, Kunnamangalam Government Kozhikkode
10101 Govt. HSS, Karuvampoyil Government Thamarassery
10102 Govt. HSS, Kakkody, Makkoda Government Kozhikkode
10103 Govt. HSS, Pannur Government Thamarassery
10104 Govt. HSS, Sivapuram Government Thamarassery
10105 Govt. Achuthan Girls HSS Government Kozhikkode
10106 Govt. Ganapat HSS, Kallai Government
10107 Govt. HSS, Ngo Quarters, Marikkunnu Government Kozhikkode
10108 Govt. VHSS, Atholi Government Koyilandi
10109 Govt. HSS, Neeleswaram Government Kozhikkode
10110 Govt. HSS, Peringolam, Kunnamangalam Government Kozhikkode
10111 Govt. Fisheries HSS, Puthiyappa, Puthiyangadi Government Kozhikkode
10112 Govt. Ganapat HSS, Feroke Government Kozhikkode
10113 Govt. HSS, Avala, Kuttoth, Meppayur Government Koyilandi
10114 Maniyoor Panchayath HSS, Maniyoor, Palayatnada Government Vadakara
10115 Govt. HSS, Neduvannur Government Koyilandi
10116 Govt. HSS, Avittanallur Government Koyilandi
10117 Govt. HSS, Cheruvannur, Kolathara Government
10119 SN Trust HSS, Chelannur, Kannankara Aided Backward Kozhikkode
10123 MKHMMO HSS for Girls, Mokkom Un-Aided
10125 MGM HSS, Engapuzha, Puduppadi Un-Aided
10126 Technical HSS, Thiruthiyad Technical Kozhikkode
10127 NIR HSS, Parappanpoyil Un-Aided Thamarassery
10129 Markaz English Medium HSS, Karanthur Un-Aided Kozhikkode
10130 IPC HSS, Payyoli Un-Aided Koyilandi
10131 DHEM HSS, Nadapuram Un-Aided Vadakara
10132 JDT Islam Iqraa HSS, Vellimadukunnu Un-Aided Kozhikkode
10134 GHSS Nayarkuzhi, (via) NITC, Nayarkuzhi Government Kozhikkode
10135 GHSS Parambil, Parambil Government Kozhikkode
10136 GHSS, Iringallur, Guruvayoorappan College Government Kozhikkode
10137 GHSS Kunduparambu, Edakkad Government Kozhikkode
10138 GHSS Karapparamba, Karapparamba Government Kozhikkode
10139 GBHSS, Parayancherry, Puthiyara Government Kozhikkode
10140 Govt. GHSS, Parayanchery, Puthiyara Government Kozhikkode
10150 CMM Higher Secondary School, Thalakkulathur Aided Backward Kozhikkode
10151 Holy Family Higher Secondary School, Kattippara Aided Minority Thamarassery
10152 CKG Memorial Higher Secondary School, Chingapuram Aided General Koyilandi
10153 Kunhali Marakkar Higher Secondary School, Iringal, Kottakkal Aided Minority Koyilandi
10154 Bafakhy Thangal Memmorial Higher Secondary School, Thurayur, Payyoli, Angadi Aided Backward Thurayur
10155 Poilkav Higher Secondary School, Edakkulam Aided General Koyilandi
10156 Velom Higher Secondary School, Cherapuram Aided General Vadakara
10157 A J John Memmorial Higher Secondary School Aided Minority Vadakara
10158 KPES Higher Secondary School, Kayakkodi Aided Backward Vadakara
10159 St. Mary's Higher Secondary School, Maruthomkara, Maruthomkara Aided Minority Vadakara
10160 KPM SM Higher Secondary School, Arikkulam Aided Backward Koyilandi
10161 VMHM Higher Secondary School, Anayamkunnu, Mukkam Aided Backward Kozhikkode
10162 Vadakkumpad Higher Secondary School, Paleri Aided General Koyilandi
10163 St. Mary's Higher Secondary School, Kallanode Aided Minority Koyilandi
10164 Chakkalakkal Higher Secondary School, Madavoor, Padanilam Aided Minority Kozhikkode
10165 St. Mary's Higher Secondary School, Koodathai Aided Minority Thamarassery
10166 AM Higher Secondary School, Poovambayi, Kinalur Aided Backward Thamarassery
10167 CM Higher Secondary School, Mannur North Aided Backward Kozhikkode
10168 Fathimabi Memorial Higher Secondary School, Koombara Aided Minority Thamarassery
10169 Markaz Girls Higher Secondary School, Karanthur Aided Minority Kozhikkode
10170 Sevamandir Post Basic Higher Secondary School, Ramanattukara Aided General Kozhikkode
10171 PVS Higher Secondary School, Eranhikkal Aided General Kozhikkode
10172 St. Vincent Colony Girls Higher Secondary School Aided Minority Kozhikkode
10173 St. Michael's Girls' Higher Secondary School, Westhill Aided Minority Kozhikkode
10174 St. Joseph's Higher Secondary School, Pullurampara Aided Minority Thamarassery
10175 SI Higher Secondary School, Ummathur Aided Minority Vadakara
10176 RNM Higher Secondary School, Narippatta Aided General Vadakara
10177 KR Higher Secondary School, Purameri Aided General Vadakara
10178 Sree Vasudeva Ashramam HSS, Naduvathoor, Koilandi Aided Backward Koyilandi
10179 EMS Govt. HSS Perumanna Government Kozhikkode
10180 GHSS Cheruvadi Government Kozhikkode
10181 Koothali VHSS Aided General Koyilandi
10182 Rahmaniya HSS Ayancheri Aided General Vadakara
10183 Holy Family HSS Padathukadavu Aided Minority Koyilandi
10184 Kuttamboor HSS Aided General Kozhikkode
10185 PTM HSS Kodiyathur Aided Minority Kozhikkode
10186 St. George HSS Velamkode Aided Minority Thamarassery
10187 St. Thomas HSS Koorachundu Aided Minority Koyilandi
10188 MKHMMOV HSS for Girls Mukkam Aided Minority Kozhikkode
10189 Mukkam HSS Mukkam Aided General Kozhikkode
10190 Pantheerankave HSS Aided General Kozhikkode
10191 Holy Family HSS Venapara Aided Minority Omassery
10192 MGM HSS Engapuzha Aided Minority Thamarassery
10193 MUMVHSS Vadakara Aided Minority Vadakara
10194 Crescent HSS Vanimel Aided Minority Vadakara
10195 Emjay VHSS, Villiapalli, Vatakara Aided Minority Vadakara
10196 St. Thomas Higher Secondary School Thottumukkam Aided Minority Kozhikkode
10197 BEM HSS, Vadakara Aided General Vadakara
10198 Santhinikethan HSS, Thiruvallur Aided General Vadakara
10301 Hi-tech Higher Secondary School, Vattoli, Kunnummal Un-Aided Vadakara
10302 Karuna Speech & Hearing HSS, Eranhipalam Special Kozhikkode

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