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List: Higher Secondary Schools in Thrissur District 'HSS Kerala' School Code, Taluk

Complete list of Higher Secondary Schools (HSS) in Thrissur Dist. Know your nearest schools to get earlier admission in your favorite higher secondar

Complete list of Higher Secondary Schools (HSS) in Thrissur Dist. Know your nearest schools to get earlier admission in your favourite higher secondary subject in your neighbourhood.

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Higher Secondary Schools in Thrissur

List: Higher Secondary Schools in Thrissur District 'HSS Kerala' School Code, Taluk

Complete list of Higher Secondary Schools (HSS) in Thrissur Dist., Plus Two Science, Computer Science, Commerce, Commerce with Computer Applications (Computer Commerce), Humanities, Journalism and more subject combinations.

Finding a Higher Secondary School (HSS) near your home in the Thrissur region is just as important as choosing a Best Higher Secondary Course in Kerala. Getting admission to your nearest school means a student can save plenty of time and money from unwanted travelling. On this page, you can find the full list of HSS / Higher Secondary Schools in Thrissur District along with School Code, School Type and Taluk. We hope you can find the Best Educational Institutions in Kerala, and Thrissur from the below list.

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From the list below, you can find the nearest Higher Secondary Schools in Thrissur District. This list Includes: School code, School Name & Address, School type, and Taluk Name. You can also view the complete course / second language options details of each school by clicking the school code.

School Code School Name, Address School Type Taluk Name
8001 Govt. SMT HSS, Chelakkara Government Thalappilly
8002 Govt. HSS, Cherpu Government Thrissur
8003 Govt. Model GHSS, Irinjalakkuda Government Mukundapuram
8004 Prof. Joseph Mundassery Smaraka Govt. HSS, Kandassankadavu Government Thrissur
8005 Govt. HSS, Kodakara Government Chalakkudi
8006 P Bhaskaran Memorial Govt. HSS, Kodungallur Government Kodungalloor
8007 Vattekadu Narayanamenon Memorial Govt. HSS, Machad Government Thalappilly
8008 Kerala Varma Memorial GHSS, Eriyad, Kodungalloor Government Kodungalloor
8009 Govt. Fisheries HSS, Nattika Government Chavakkad
8010 Govt. HSS, Peechi Government Thrissur
8011 Govt. HSS, Peringottukara Government Thrissur
8012 Govt. Model HSS for Boys Government Thrissur
8013 Govt. HSS, Vettilappara Government Chalakkudi
8015 Govt. HSS, Cheruthuruthy Government Thalappilly
8016 Model Boys VHSS, Kunnamkulam Government Kunnamkulam
8017 Govt. HSS, Pattikkadu Government Thrissur
8018 Govt. Model Boys HSS, Chalakkudi Government Chalakkudi
8019 Govt. Model Boys HSS, Irinjalakkuda Government Mukundapuram
8020 Govt. HSS, Villadom Government Thrissur
8021 Govt. Model Boys HSS, Vadakkanchery Government Thalappilly
8022 Govt. HSS, Chavakkad Government Chavakkad
8023 Govt. MHSS, Nadavarambu Government Mukundapuram
8024 Govt. Girl's HSS, Kodungallur Government Kodungalloor
8025 Govt. HSS, Iranikkulam Government Mukundapuram
8026 Govt. HSS, Chaipankuzhi Government Chalakkudi
8027 Govt. HSS, Karupadanna Government Mukundapuram
8028 Govt. HSS, Nandikara Government Mukundapuram
8029 Govt. Samithy HSS, Meladoor, Mala Government Chalakkudi
8030 Govt. HSS, Edavilangu Government Kodungalloor
8031 Govt. Nalanda HSS, Kizhuppilakkara Government Thrissur
8032 Govt. HSS, Manalur Government Thrissur
8033 Govt. HSS, Kattilapoovam Government Thrissur
8034 Govt. HSS, Ayyanthole Government Thrissur
8035 Govt. RSR VHSS, Velur Government Kunnamkulam
8036 Govt. HSS, Kochannur Government Chavakkad
8037 Govt. HSS, Mullassery Government Chavakkad
8038 GVHSS, Thalikkulam Government Chavakkad
8039 Govt. HSS, Erumapetty Government Kunnamkulam
8040 Govt. HSS, Varavoor Government Thalappilly
8041 Govt. HSS, Pazhayannoor Government Thalappilly
8042 Govt. Model Girls HSS, Kunnamkulam Government Kunnamkulam
8043 Seethi Sahib MV HSS, Edakkazhiyoor Aided Minority Chavakkad
8044 Union HSS, Mambra Aided General Chalakkudi
8045 SN HSS, Irinjalakkuda Aided General Mukundapuram
8046 AKM HSS, Poochatty Aided General Thrissur
8047 Santha HSS, Avanoor Aided General Thrissur
8048 Vivekodayam BHSS Aided General Thrissur
8049 NHSS, Irinjalakkuda Aided General Mukundapuram
8050 St. Antony's HSS, Ammadam Aided Minority Thrissur
8051 SH Convent GHSS, Chalakkudy Aided Minority Chalakkudi
8052 St. Clares CGHSS Aided Minority Thrissur
8053 SNDP HSS, Palissery Aided Backward Chalakkudi
8054 RM HSS, Aloor Aided General Chalakkudi
8055 Chaldean Syrian HSS Aided Backward Thrissur
8056 MASM VHSS, Venmanad Aided Minority Chavakkad
8057 St. Antony's HSS, Mala Aided Minority Chalakkudi
8058 Sree Krishna HSS, Guruvayoor Aided General Chavakkad
8059 Sacred Heart Convent GHSS Aided Minority Thrissur
8060 SRKGVM HSS, Puranattukara Aided General Thrissur
8061 VPM SNDP HSS, Kazhimbram Aided Backward Chavakkad
8062 St. Antony's HSS, Pudukad Aided Minority Mukundapuram
8063 HSS, Panangad, Mathilakam Aided Backward Kodungalloor
8064 St. Mary's GHSS, Kuzhikkattussery Aided Minority Chalakkudi
8065 Soccorso HSS, Mala Aided Minority Chalakkudi
8066 St. Sebastians HSS, Kuttikkad Aided Minority Chalakkudi
8067 St. Mary's HSS, Irinjalakkuada Aided Minority Mukundapuram
8068 HDPS HSS, Edathirinji Aided General Mukundapuram
8069 LBSM HSS, Avittathur Aided General Mukundapuram
8070 CMS HSS Aided Minority Thrissur
8071 St. Joseph's CG HSS Aided Minority Thrissur
8072 St. Raphel's CGHSS, Ollur Aided Minority Thrissur
8073 CJMA HSS, Varantharapalli Aided Minority Chalakkudi
8074 Sree Sarada GHSS, Puranattukara Aided General Thrissur
8075 St. Aloysius HSS, Elthuruth Aided Minority Thrissur
8076 St. Thomas College HSS Aided Minority Thrissur
8077 St. Thomas HSS, Thope Aided Minority Thrissur
8078 St. Joseph's HSS, Pavaratty Aided Minority Chavakkad
8079 NHSS, Engandiyoor Aided General Chavakkad
8080 Little Flower CGHSS, Guruvayoor Aided Minority Chavakkad
8081 St. Francis BHSS, Mattom Aided General Kunnamkulam
8082 NSS VHSS, Mundathicode Aided General Thalappilly
8083 AI HSS, Padoor Aided Minority Chavakkad
8084 SN Trust. HSS, Nattika Aided Backward Chavakkad
8085 ICAE HSS, Vadakkekad Un-Aided Chavakkad
8086 Bethany St. John's HSS, Trichur Road Un-Aided Thalappilly
8087 NSS EM HSS, West. Fort Un-Aided Thrissur
8088 Vivekodayam GHSS Un-Aided Thrissur
8090 Kamala Nehru MVHSS, Vatanapally, Thrithalloor Un-Aided Chavakkad
8091 Don Bosco HSS, Mullakkara Un-Aided Thrissur
8092 Focus Islamic EM HSS, Thottappu Un-Aided Chavakkad
8093 DE Paul EM HSS, Choondal Un-Aided Thalappilly
8094 St. Joseph's MHSS, Kuriachira Un-Aided Thrissur
8095 St. Pauls Convent EHSS Kuriachira Un-Aided Thrissur
8097 Vimala HSS, Vellikkulangara Un-Aided Mukundapuram
8098 Carmel HSS, Chalakkudi Un-Aided Mukundapuram
8099 Bethany Convent GHSS, Kunnamkulam Un-Aided Thalappilly
8100 Deepthi HSS, Thalore Un-Aided Mukundapuram
8102 CNN HSS, Cherppu Un-Aided CherppuThrissur
8103 Little Flower Convent HSS, Iringalakkuda Un-Aided Mukundapuram
8104 St. Joseph's EMHSS, Eravu, Arimpur Un-Aided Thrissur
8105 St. Joseph's EMHSS Aloor, Kallettinkara Un-Aided Mukundapuram
8106 Holy Child Convent EMHSS, Sneha Giri, Mala Un-Aided Mukundapuram
8107 SN GHSS, Kanimangalam Un-Aided Thrissur
8108 Chentrappini HSS, Chentrappinni Un-Aided Kodungalloor
8109 Rahmath EM HSS, Thozhiyoor Un-Aided Chavakkad
8110 Don Bosco HSS, Irinjalakkuda Un-Aided Mukundapuram
8112 TMV HSS, Perumpilavu Un-Aided Thalappilly
8113 Holy Angel's HSS, Ollur Un-Aided Thrissur
8116 Gandhismaraka HSS, Ashtamichira Un-Aided Mukundapuram
8118 Technical HSS, Varadiam Technical Thrissur
8119 Govt. HSS, Manathala Government Chavakkad
8120 Kadappuram Govt. HSS, Chavakkad Government Chavakkad
8121 Govt. Fisheries HSS, Kaipamangalam Government Kodungalloor
8122 Govt. Mappila HSS, Chamakkala Government Kodungalloor
8123 Govt. HSS, Thannyam Government Thrissur
8124 Govt. CMHSS, Kuttoor Government Thrissur
8125 Govt. HSS, Kattoor, Irinjalakuda Government Mukundapuram
8126 MARM GHSS, Santhipuram Government Kodungalloor
8127 Govt. HSS, Muppiliyam Government Chalakkudi
8128 Govt. HSS, Anchery, Ollur Government Thrissur
8129 Govt. HSS, Vadanappally Government Chavakkad
8130 Govt. HSS, Valappad Government Chavakkad
8131 Govt. VHSS, Puthenchira Government Mukundapuram
8132 Govt. HSS, Kadikkad, Punnayoorkulam Panchayat Government Chavakkad
8133 Govt. HSS, Kadavallur Government Kunnamkulam
8134 Panjal Govt. HSS, Panjal Government Thalappilly
8136 Govt. HSS, Chembuchira Government Chalakkudi
8137 Govt. Model HSS for Girls, Thrissur Town Government Thrissur
8138 Govt. HSS, Pookunnam Government Thrissur
8139 MES HSS, Sreenarayanapuram, P. Vemballur Aided Minority Kodungalloor
8140 Holy Family Convent Girls HSS, Chembukkavu Un-Aided Thrissur
8141 St. Anne's Girls HSS, Edathuruthy Un-Aided Kodungalloor
8143 Vidhya Jyothi HSS, Mathilakom Un-Aided Kodungalloor
8148 Concord English HSS, Chiramanengad Un-Aided Kunnamkulam
8150 St. Thomas HSS, Engandiyur Aided Minority Chavakkad
8152 Model Residential HSS, Kodassery, Nayarangady, Chalakkudy Residential Mukundapuram
8160 Thrikkur Panchayat Sarvodaya HSS, Trikkur Government Mukundapuram
8161 GHSS, Marathancode Government Kunnamkulam
8162 Alagappanagar Panchayath HSS, Alagappanaagar Government Mukundapuram
8163 Govt. HSS, Elavally Government Chavakkad
8164 GHSS Pambady Government Thalappilly
8165 GHSS Pullut (V. K. Rajan Memorial) Government Kodungalloor
8166 St. Joseph's HSS Meloor Aided Minority Chalakkudi
8167 St. Thomas HSS Mayannur Aided Minority Thalappilly
8168 NSS HSS, Mulloorkara Aided General Thalappilly
8169 St. Joseph's HSS Avinissery Aided Minority Thrissur
8170 St. Thomas HSS, Vallachira Aided Minority Thrissur
8171 Sreekrishna HSS, Anandapuram Aided General Mukundapuram
8172 BVMHSS, Kalaprambu, Aripalam Aided Minority Mukundapuram
8173 Sree Durga Vilasam HSS, Peramangalam Aided General Thrissur
8174 Deepthi HSS, Thalore Aided Minority Mukundapuram
8175 AKM HSS, Poyya Aided General Kodungalloor
8176 St. Joseph's and St. Cyril's HSS, West. Mangad Aided Backward Kunnamkulam
8177 St. Johns HSS, Parappur Aided Minority Thrissur
8178 St. Antonys HSS, Puthenpeedika Aided Minority Thrissur
8179 HSS Arimpur, Arimpur Aided General Thrissur
8181 MIC Al Ameen HSS, Kechery Aided Backward Kunnamkulam
8182 Union HSS, Annanad Aided General Chalakkudi
8183 MAM HSS, Koratty Aided Minority Chalakkudi
8184 St. Joseph HSS, Mathilakam Aided Backward Kodungalloor
8185 Poomala HSS, Poomala Aided Backward Thrissur
8186 St. Antony's HSS Moorkanad Aided Minority Mukundapuram
8187 V R Appu Master Memorial HSS Thaikkad Aided Backward Chavakkad
8188 Podujana Vidhyabyasa Samithy HSS, Parappukkara Aided General Mukundapuram
8189 St. Anne's HSS, Kottappuram Aided Minority Kodungalloor
8190 Marthoma Girls HSS Aided Backward Thrissur
8191 LFGHSS Chelakkara Aided Minority Thalappilly
8192 Appunni Memorial HSS, Chemmannur Aided Backward Kunnamkulam
8193 Asha Bhavan HSS for Deaf, Padavaratt, Ollur Special Thrissur
8194 Little Flower Convent HSS, Koratti Aided Minority Chalakkudi
8195 Islamic VHSS, Orumanayur Aided Backward Chavakkad
8196 Govt. VHSS, Desamangalam Government Thalappilly
8197 Govt. VHSS, Pazhanji Government Kunnamkulam
8198 Govt. VHSS Puthoor Government Thrissur
8199 GHSS Vijayaraghavapuram Government Chalakkudi
8200 VHSS Karalam Aided General Mukundapuram
8201 RMVHSS Peringanam Aided General Kodungalloor
8202 SNVVHSS, Aloor Aided General Chalakkudi
8203 Mr Raman Memmorial HSS Chavakkad Aided General Chavakkad
8204 SNMHSS Chazhoor Aided General Thrissur
8205 CNN HSS Cherpu Aided General Thrissur
8206 Chenthra Pinni HSS Aided General Kodungalloor
8207 Seethi Sahib Memmorial HSS, Azheekode Aided General Kodungalloor
8208 Holy Cross HSS Mapranam Aided Minority Mukundapuram
8209 St. Thomas HSS, Tiroor Aided Minority Thrissur
8210 PS HSS Thirumudikkunnu Aided Minority Chalakkudi
8211 SN Gupta Samajam HSS, Karamukku, Kandassamkadavu Aided General Thrissur
8212 St. George HSS Pariyaram Aided Minority Chalakkudi
8213 Holy Family CgHSS Chembukkavu Aided Minority Thrissur
8214 JPE HSS Koorkanchery Aided General Thrissur
8215 St. Augustine HSS, Kuttanellur Aided General Thrissur
8216 Bethelehem Convent HSS, Pazhaya Ollukkara Aided Minority Thrissur
8217 HSS, Thiruvalayannur Aided General Chavakkad
8218 St. Joseph HSS, Velupadam Aided Minority Chalakkudi
8219 GHSS, Kannattupadam Government Mukundapuram
8220 St. George HSS, Thozhiyoor Aided Minority Chavakkad
8221 St. George HSS, Puttekkara Aided General Thrissur
8222 St. Antonys HSS, Pazhuvil Aided Minority Thrissur
8301 Lourde Matha EM HSS, Cherpu Un-Aided Thrissur
8302 Theqwa Residential Girls HSS, Andathode Un-Aided Chavakkad
8303 Assissi EM Higher Secondary School, Thalakkottukkara Un-Aided Kunnamkulam
8304 JMJEM HSS, Athani Un-Aided Thalappilly
8305 IDCE HSS, Orumanayur Un-Aided Chavakkad
8306 Govt. Model Residential Higher Secondary School, Wadakkanchery Residential Thalappilly

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