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Low-cost homes from sewage pipes; Telangana girl's success; Innovative business ideas

'OPod' innovative business idea of Perala Manasa Reddy, civil engineer, and a 23-year-old Telangana girl, gives hope to thousands of homeless people.

Innovative business ideas do not come to us, we must find them ourselves. 'OPod' is such a great business idea, and a good living model to rehabilitate homeless people.

OPod built by Manasa Reddy Google

The 'OPod' built by Manasa Reddy

Low-cost home from sewage pipes; Telangana girl's success; Innovative business ideas

Low-cost home construction methods are the biggest headache of the public, a 23-year-old Telangana girl has come up with a solution for this.

A comfortable house with all amenities inside a sewer pipe, which may seem like an exaggeration. Perala Manasa Reddy (23) a civil engineer and resident of Bommakal village, Telangana, has come up with such an idea that gives hope to the homeless.

In reality, Manasa has already built a sewer pipe house in India, an idea developed by Hong Kong-based James Law Cybertecture (Architecture design, interior design, planning consultancy company)

'OPod' is the name given by the company for the pipe houses, the company described it as "OPod 1 is a low-cost, micro-living housing unit to ease Hong Kong's affordable housing problems."

'OPod' is a good living model to rehabilitate homeless people on the streets.

Manasa first approached a company that makes cement sewer pipes for this purpose and procured pipes that were modified as required. With the help of Rs 5 lakh received from her mother, she bought pipes, doors, windows, bathroom fixtures, and electrical fittings for the 'OPod' pipe house.

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Manasa says it took 24 days to build the first pipe house. The house is built with a small living room, bathroom, sink-fitted kitchen, and a bedroom that can accommodate a queen-size bed. The outside of the pipe was painted white to reduce the inside heat.

OPod, Homes from sewage pipes, Manasa Reddy Google

Manasa Reddy's 'OPod' House from sewage pipes

Manasa also started a company called Samnavi Constructions on the same day as the Pipe House project.

Pipes are made in special sizes so that one can stand up for the convenience of living. The main highlight of pipe houses is that they can provide all the facilities required for a house in a small space. Manasa is currently designing to build pipe houses with more than one bedroom.

According to various media reports, Manasa has so far received over 200 orders for the construction of pipe houses from Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, and Odisha.

An innovative business idea can create many job opportunities. Let's hope that many talented people come forward with new business ideas without going backward.

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