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50 Most Profitable, Trending Small-scale Business Ideas for Entrepreneurs in Kerala

The 50 most profitable business ideas you can start at a low budget. As an Entrepreneur, these small-scale business ideas can earn you more money with

Here are the 50 most profitable business ideas you can start with a low budget. If you are willing to work, these small-scale business ideas can earn you more money with low investment.

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Most Profitable, Trending Small-scale Business Ideas

50 Most Profitable, Trending Small-scale Business Ideas for Entrepreneurs in Kerala

In this article, we are explaining the 50 most profitable business ideas you can start at a low budget. As an Entrepreneur, these small-scale business ideas can earn you more money with low investment.

Are you an entrepreneur looking for a small-scale business ideas to start your own business in Kerala? You are in the right place, in this article, we are explaining the 50 most profitable business ideas you can start at a low budget. If you are willing to work, Kerala has many job opportunities for you.

Before spending too much on any business, try to understand how a business works and how your business idea can earn money for you. In this article, we mentioned 50 business ideas to create your own startup in low investment and earn you more profit. To know about your business opportunities in Kerala, read the complete article.

  1. Acrylic Buttons Manufacturing
  2. Agarbatti Making
  3. Air Bubble Packaging Wrapper
  4. Aluminium Doors Manufacturing
  5. Aluminium Fabrication
  6. Aluminum Foil
  7. ATM Renting Space
  8. Bakery Shop
  9. Bedsheet / Pillow
  10. Biodegradable Soil
  11. Bridal Store
  12. Candle Making
  13. Cap Making
  14. Cashew Processing
  15. Coconut
  16. Computer/Laptop Service Center
  17. Designer Lights Manufacturing
  18. Detergent Powder Manufacturing
  19. Dry Fish Processing and Selling
  20. Dry Fruit Processing and Selling
  21. Embroidery and Bottle Art
  22. Fancy Artificial Jewelry/Ornaments Making
  23. Flex, Banner, Cloth Printing
  24. Ginger Garlic Paste Making
  25. Graphic Designing
  26. Hair Spa or Beauty Parlor
  27. Home Decor Items Manufacturing
  28. Homemade Meals/Biriyani
  29. Ice Cream Parlour
  30. Jam Jelly Production
  31. Jute Bag Making
  32. Kids Garments Making
  33. Leather Belt Manufacturing
  34. LED Bulb Manufacturing
  35. Mobile Repairing
  36. Modular False Ceiling
  37. Nail Polish Manufacturing
  38. Online Toy Selling
  39. Paper Bag Manufacturing
  40. Paper Cup Manufacturing
  41. Pet Shop
  42. Pickle Making
  43. Plastic Containers Manufacturing
  44. Raincoat Making
  45. Real Estate
  46. Selling Home Decore Items
  47. Selling Perfume Online
  48. Sign Board
  49. Snacks Shop
  50. Spice Powder Processing and Selling

01. Acrylic Buttons Manufacturing Business

As all kinds of dressing materials and trending costumes are fast-growing in the business industry all over the world, the demand for Acrylic Buttons is increasing much faster than before. At this point, starting an Acrylic Buttons Manufacturing Unit as your own is a good idea. You can sell your products at any garments, stitching, dressmaking shops nearby you as well as sell it online. You can operate it on your own from your home or as a group on a comparatively large scale. Read more...

02. Agarbatti Making Business

Agarbatti Making is a good business idea for a living, nowadays you can find Agarbattis in almost every home, which means the product has a good market. You can set up a small Agarbatti manufacturing plant at your home or somewhere nearby with a low-cost investment. You can trade your product through your own shop, at your nearby houses or shops, and you might also find your customers online by creating a website. Read more...

03 Air Bubble Packaging Wrapper Manufacturing Business

The demand for the bubble wrapper is extremely high in the market when it comes up to parceling, handling any fragile items such as glass, ceramic, clay, or anything breakable. You can make plenty of money by starting a bubble packaging wrapper manufacturing unit, you can make business aligns with your clients who manufacture or handling such products.

04. Aluminium Doors and Windows Manufacturing Business

As its durability, Aluminium doors are a highly demanded product in the field of construction of houses, offices, apartments, etc. You can start an aluminium door and window manufacturing business and earn a good profit from your new business. You can sell it directly to your clients, or you may tie-up with some construction companies to sell it on demand. Read more...

05. Aluminium Fabrication Business

Just like aluminium doors, Aluminium fabrication is also a highly demanded business nowadays. Aluminium fabrication is widely used in the field of construction of houses, offices, apartments, etc. If you are a skilled worker you can start your own business, and make a good profit. You can find your clients directly or may tie up with some construction companies in the market who already have their clients. Read more...

06. Aluminum Foil Business

Aluminum foil is generally used in the packaging of almost every food product in our daily life, in hotels, restaurants, food takeaway counters, or homes. Aluminum foil is much healthier than plastic foils, the demand for the product in the market is also higher nowadays. So it is a good time to start your own Aluminum Foil Business and earn plenty of money, you can sell your products through local market shops, shopping malls, or even online. Let's think about it.

07. ATM Space Renting

As much as the population rises, the ATM spaces are, which means a higher demand for ATM Spaces. If you have your own space that is suitable for an ATM/CDM, make some calls with the nearest banks and say yes to the better option, make sure that your space is situated in a highly populated area. It will generate you a stable income every month without any additional works after the takeover.

08. Bakery Shop Business

As it is an era of fast food, you can take it as a business opportunity you can start your own business of baking products. If you are able to find a better place for your customers to hang out, you can start a bakery shop it will add more value to your business. All together you can earn a higher profit from a minimal investment.

09. Bedsheet / Pillow Business

You can start a business, selling Bedsheets, Pillow, and Pillo covers as everyone uses all these three products the demand is also pretty high. If you are a bit artistic, you may try your talents in making these useful pieces of stuff. How much a product is demanded in the market that much success rate in its business, so you can start a profitable business as your own. You can be sold out your products both online and offline, you can set up your own showroom as well.

10. Biodegradable Soil Business

Biodegradable soil is a highly demanded product in the market, your customers are the people who are into farming, nowadays everyone likes to have organic food, so you can also try this with low cost as well as much profitable business idea. All kinds of terrace farming, vertical farming, or grow bag farming needs good soil, as the soil on earth are now being destroyed in every manner, this can also be considered as a business idea for the future.

11. Bridal Store Business

Marriage is a great moment in one's life and many ladies want it to be unforgettable. When it comes to bridal, a wedding event needs a lot of it. If you can start your own bridal store to supply all the necessary items for a wedding. It can be one of the most profitable business ideas and you can earn a higher profit from your business.

12. Candle Making Business

Candles played a crucial role in light up the old nights. Candles are still widely used in many homes and restaurants for special occasions such as candlelight dinners. Thus the widespread use of this product also increases its market potential. Compared to the old days, candles in different colors, scents, and shapes are now being sold in the market, you can start a business out of it by selling candles of different and unique designs, this can earn you more profit. The wide acceptance of candles can be helpful to make a good business out of it.

13. Cap Making Business

As a startup plan, this is also a good idea to start a cap-making unit. A wide variety of hats are in great demand among children and the modeling industry. In addition, many people buy and wear hats according to different trends. In some places, we can also see people collecting hats as a hobby. If you can make such different and trendy hats on an industrial scale, you can make a very good income from it.

14. Cashew Processing Business

Cashew processing is something that can be done without the need for large investments or any machines compared to other businesses. You can do this at home as only a small amount of space is required for this business. The lower the investment in this business makes you profitable faster. you can sell your product at the local market or even online.

15. Coconut Business

Coconut sales, very profitable business idea in Kerala, Tamil Nadu, and other Indian states where coconut consumption is high. You can sell coconut, husk, and the shell separately, or the whole coconut as it is, you can also sell coconut oil after processing the coconut. This business can earn you a good profit. States like Kerala, Karnataka, andhra Pradesh, and Tamil Nadu. Also, some parts of Maharashtra, Odisha, West Bengal, Gujarat, Puducherry, and Goa are the places where more coconuts are harvested in India.

16. Computer/Laptop Service Center

If you are experienced enough, you can start your own computer/laptop service business. Also, you can include Data Recovery & Motherboard Chip-level, Laptop Repair Services, and software installation. Since computers are a part of our daily lives, this business provides an indispensable service to the vast majority of people, as a business person you can earn a high profit out of it.

17. Designer Lights Manufacturing Business

Decorative lamps are now widely used in modular homes, hotels, and restaurants, therefore it is highly marketable. So starting a designer lamps-making business can give you a good monthly income. If you have a little bit of artistic taste, you can make completely different and attractive lights that satisfy the needs of your customer.

18. Detergent Powder Manufacturing

If you’re thinking of starting a business, nowadays one of the most promising industries is washing powder making. As it is a low capital business idea, anyone can start, and make money from laundry washing powder or the detergent powder business. The fact that we can not leave a single day without washing clothes increases the revenue potential of this business.

19. Dry Fish Processing and Selling Business

Dry fish production and distribution is one of the most profitable businesses that anyone can start at any day with a minimal investment. All you need to start a dried fish business is a clean area where you can get enough sunlight to dry the fish. The total investment needed is to buy fresh fish, salt, and manpower to clean the fish. If you arrange all these requirements, you can earn a good income per month from the dried fish business.

20. Dry Fruit Processing and Selling Business

Fruit processing or Dried fruit making is a profitable business idea, the fruit processing industry is growing rapidly all over the world. As a beginner, one can start the dried fruit business on a small scale or if capable, can be started as a large-scale production unit. Either way, this is a business that can make a profit in proportion to the investment.

21. Embroidery and Bottle Art Business

Embroidery hoop artworks and creative bottle artworks are gaining a wide range of acceptance among people nowadays, therefore, their commercial potential is also increasing. Many consumers, such as homes, restaurants, and hotels, buy these as wall hangings and designer and decorative materials. So, if you are a creative person, starting an embroidery or bottle art business can help you make a good financial profit.

22. Fancy Artificial Jewelry/Ornaments Making Business

Artificial or imitation jewelry business is one of the greatest profitable businesses in India. If you are a person who knows details about jewelry products and the latest fashion trends, it will be good to start an artificial/imitation jewelry business. With this business, you will be able to earn a good monthly income on your own if you can provide different fashion pieces of jewelry according to the interests of the customers.

23. Flex, Banner, Cloth Printing Business

As a state where flexes and banners are widely used, Flex, Banner, Cloth Printing Business is a profitable business venture in Kerala and also in India. Flexes and banners are widely used for corporate advertising, social events, and private programs. With such extensive use, starting your own flex printing unit can help you earn a good income.

24. Ginger Garlic Paste Making Business

As it is a busy world people searching for shortcuts to do their job easily, here is the importance of ginger garlic paste, it saves a lot of time in the kitchen. With proper planning, Manufacturing ginger garlic paste on a commercial level can be a good business idea, it also earns you a fair profit at the end of every month.

25. Graphic Designing Business

As it is a highly competitive industry, you need to be highly professional to start your own Graphic design business, you can either start as a company, or as a freelance professional. Once your creative graphics work gains recognition, you can earn a good income from your works.

26. Spa or Beauty Parlor Business

Starting a spa and beauty parlor business is a good idea, it is a business dealing with cosmetic treatments for men, women, and kids. Beauty parlors, hair salons, and spas plus beauticians play an essential role in the modeling industry. There is high demand for trained beauticians, beauty parlor business is profitable and a trained individual can also start as a home-based business.

27. Home Decor Items Manufacturing Business

Opening a home decor items or furnishings store business is a good idea to make plenty of money in your pocket. As the decoration tastes are different from person to person, the one who starting home decor items manufacturing business must be having good expertise in this area is required for business growth. Nevertheless, the high demand in the market for unique decor items supports the growth of the business.

28. Homemade Meals/Biriyani Business

Homemade meals or biriyani making is one of the best businesses you can start at a low-cost investment, as it is a home-based business, you do not need to spend additional investment for business apace. All you need is complete dedication and passion to make delicious food items for your customers. If you are capable to take a step into Homemade meals or biriyani making, you can earn a good profit out of your business.

29. Ice Cream Parlour Business

A large percentage of people in every region loves ice cream or ice cream products, the wide range of acceptance underscores the potential of this business. Not only children but also people of all ages love ice cream base products, so starting an ice cream parlor business could give you a good income at the end of every month.

30. Jam Jelly Production Business

Jam jellies are having an integral part of our eating habits, jelly products are being used by a large number of people, including children and adults on a daily basis. The popularity of the usage of any product also indicates its marketability, so, starting a jam jelly production business is beneficial to earn a good profit out of your business.

31. Jute Bag Making Business

This is a business idea you can start at your home (small-scale) or relatively large scale as a bag manufacturing unit. In either way, the jute bag-making business can be started as a low investment business plan as raw material jute is inexpensive. In the long running, jute bag-making can be beneficial for you and you can make a good income out of it.

32. Kids Garments Making Business

Kids garments are a highly demanded product in the market all over the world, this is an essential product where people spend a notable amount of money from their pocket each month. Kids' garment-making business can be beneficial if one can work with the fashion and trend changes every day, this can also help to earn a good income out of your business.

33. Leather Belt Manufacturing Business

Due to the high demand, the Leather Belt manufacturing industry is one of the good manufacturing business ideas to earn profits. Good quality and trendy products can bring customers to your business, if you believe that you are good at this, think about starting your own Leather Belt manufacturing unit.

34. Led Bulb Manufacturing Business

LED light Manufacturing is a highly profitable business idea one can think about starting. LED bulbs have gained a good market response both locally and globally, as the world is running through an era of energy-saving, the marketing potential of this product is also increasing.

35. Mobile Repairing Business

Customer satisfaction is the key to the success of a mobile repairing business, the business can be quite profitable and earn you a lot of money if you are a well-trained mobile technician. If do not plan to showcase new mobiles in your workspace, one can start a mobile service center with a minimal investment, also the business can be operated from home if you have enough customers.

36. Modular False Ceiling Service Business

False ceiling works have an important role in modular homes, hospitals, restaurants, and all over the construction industry. Nowadays, it is essential to reduce excess heat out of the buildings, it plays a significant role in adding perfection to the interior works. At this point, starting a modular false ceiling installation business could make you successful in business.

37. Nail Polish Manufacturing Business

Nail polish is one of the very important products in the fashion industry, Ladies and kids like to use different nail polishes as per their clothing daily, which causes high demand for nail polish in the market. So, the importance of this product underscores the success percentage of the Nail polish manufacturing business.

38. Online Toy Selling Business

The ever-increasing demand for toys in the market indicates the potential for success in this business. This business will be last as long as kids love toys, starting an online toy selling business can be profitable, and could you earn a fair profit out of your business.

39. Paper Bag Manufacturing Business

As part of reducing the increased use of plastics pollution and adhering to the Green Protocol, there is an increasing demand for paper bags across the country as well as all over the world. You can start a paper bag manufacturing business with a low-cost investment due to the affordability and availability of raw materials.

40. Paper Cup Manufacturing Business

The paper cup-manufacturing business is one of the profitable and comparatively easy businesses. As an entrepreneur, one can start a cup-making business with less capital investment, it also gaining great worldwide acceptance as part of the elimination of plastic pollution.

41. Pet Shop Business

If you are an animal lover, starting a pet shop business gives you both fun and personal satisfaction. Therefore, there is a huge market potential for various pets and many pet lovers in our country, so starting a pet shop could help one to earn a good income out of your business.

42. Pickle Making Business

In Kerala, it will be difficult to find a house without pickles, it plays a significant role in traditional Kerala-style meals. A wide variety of pickles are available in our markets, this also indicates the marketability of the product. So, a pickle-making business is profitable to anyone who starts it, also this can be started as a home-based low investment business.

43. Plastic Containers Manufacturing Business

Due to its low price, durability, and ease to handle, plastics made our life easy and flexible in many ways, and life without plastic is certainly impossible for us. Plastic containers are widely using all over the world for daily requirements including houses, hotels, restaurants, hospitals, and almost everywhere. So starting a plastic container manufacturing business can earn you a fair profit out of your business at the end of the month.

44. Raincoat Making Business

Setting up a Raincoat manufacturing business is profitable, this is one of a business idea that can be started with low investment, and raincoat making unit can easily suit a home-based business. So, anyone who is good at stitching can start a raincoat-making unit and make a good profit out of it.

45. Real Estate Business

As it is a challenging job, anyone who can work hard on difficult situations, keep up self-motivated, honest, and good at building contacts, yes you can succeed in the Real estate business. If you have good leads plus outstanding communication skills, entering into the real estate business can make you rich.

46. Selling Home Decore Items Business

Starting a home decor shop can be a good business idea nowadays. The high demand for home decor items in the market is enhancing the business potential, as a startup, selling home decor items can result in a profitable business venture.

47. Selling Perfume Online Business

Perfumes have a large market in our society also all over the world, including branded and non-branded, fragrances are one of the most selling products in the world. among men and women, fragrances have a lot of fans plus huge demand, so starting a perfume selling businesses online can make you earn a good profit out of your business.

48. Sign Board Business

As its importance, signboards play a significant role in the marketing industry, nowadays signboards or signages become more popular all over the world. The marketability is huge, so, the startup plan for signboard business can make you profitable.

49. Snacks Shop Business

A snacks-making business is a very profitable business one can start anywhere, and starting a snacks-manufacturing unit is much profitable. This is one of a business that can start as a home-based low-scale and a medium or large-scale business. Different snack items are very popular all over India and across the world, so, this business can make you profit out of it.

50. Spice Powder Processing and Selling Business

Spice powder making business is a type of business that any individual can start and earn a good profit with low capital investment. This can fit both medium and large-scale business ideas, as the consumption of spices in Indian houses is higher.

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