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Aluminium Fabrication Business Requirements, Investment, Profit and Marketing

Aluminium Fabrication is a highly profitable business area, one can start as a home-based low investment and large-scale huge investment on an industr

Aluminium Fabrication is a highly profitable business area, one can start as a home-based low investment and large-scale huge investment on an industrial level.

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Fabrication, Industrial Work

Aluminium Fabrication Business Requirements, Investment, Profit and Marketing

Nowadays, Aluminium fabrication is also a highly demanded, profitable and reliable business for who passionate about becoming an entrepreneur. Aluminium fabrication services are used in all construction sectors, homes, offices, hospitals, hotels, malls, and villas, are some of its beneficiaries. Anyone who is a skilled worker with passion and dedication to his profession can start your own business, and make a good profit.

Advantages of Aluminium

After iron, aluminum is the second most used metal in the world, at the same time it has many industrial advantages comparing to iron. Aluminum/Aluminium is a low weight, high strength, easy to manage, excellent corrosion resistant, good thermal and electrical conducting, and, 100% recyclable metal.

  • Flexible to mold into any shape or structure
  • Lightweight and highly durable
  • Highly corrosion resistant
  • Non-magnetic element
  • An excellent conductor of heat and electricity
  • Lightweight with high strength

Market potential and Uses

Marine, Transportation, and Manufacturing industries use the advantages of Aluminium fabrication services. The market potential for Aluminium Fabrication Business is much higher, as it is a highly durable, corrosion-resistant product, the market demand for high-quality products such as Aluminum.

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Types of Aluminium Fabrications

Aluminum fabrication includes several processes, i.e welding two or more pieces of iron blocks, pipes, or plates, etc to make a complex part of something, for manufacturing any product with aluminum. Different aluminum fabrication processes include:

  • Sawing
  • Deburring
  • Milling
  • Drilling
  • Turning
  • Tapping
  • Shearing
  • Insulating
  • Plastic forming ( bending/stretching)
  • Hydroforming

Uses of Aluminium Fabrications

Aluminium fabrication services are used in almost every part of our life. Aluminum fabrication services are used in all construction, architectural sectors including homes, offices, hospitals, hotels, malls and villas, marine, and transportation industries are some of its beneficiaries. Different uses of aluminium fabrication include:

  • Interior and exterior structural and architectural fabrications
  • Manufacturing of building products such as gates, handrails
  • Both commercial and residential aluminium frameworks
  • Making furniture and home/industrial appliances
  • Food containers, and cooking pans, plates, etc
  • Heating zinks for electronic appliances
  • Industrial piping
  • Truss, roofing, and cladding

Licenses required for Aluminium Fabrication Unit

In order to start aluminum fabrication business, one may need the following licenses and documents. Required licenses to run an aluminium fabrication unit are as follows:

  • Aadhar card and PAN Card
  • GST registration
  • MSME/SSI registration
  • NOC by state pollution control board
  • BIS quality standard
  • IS ( 1948-1961)

All of these licenses may not be required to start a small-scale or home-based aluminium fabrication unit, in such a case consult with your local authority, where you are planning to start a new business.

Investment and Profit of Aluminium Fabrication Business

The total investment of a business depends on the total volume of the business is about to start, on an industrial/home-based level with a Fixed capital investment of 2 – ₹ 13 lakhs and working capital of 25000-1 lakhs, you can achieve a net profit anywhere between 1-5 lakhs per year. Keep in mind that, The total profit may be varied by location to location, and the total production, staff strength, and your marketing strategies.

Consumers of the Aluminium Fabrication Business

Almost every part of our lives are connected with aluminum fabrication, the main consumers of the Aluminium Fabrication Business are:

  • Aviation industry
  • Architectural industry
  • Construction industry
  • Electronics and electrical industry
  • Automobile industry
  • Marine industry
  • Households/Residential

Total Area required for Aluminium Fabrication Business

The total area of a large-scale Aluminium Fabrication Unit is related to the total volume of your production, staff strength, and the machines used. This specification does not apply to those who come up with a home-based business plan, such a person can use their backyard or spare room from their house to set up a minimal unit. Before investing in the area, make sure a transportation facility is available at the location you plan to start your business.

The raw materials required for the Aluminium Fabrication factory

  • Screws
  • Hand tools (players, spanners, vice, hacksaw, hammer, file)
  • Hinges and Clips
  • Nuts and Bolts
  • Glass sheets
  • Plastic sheets
  • Molds
  • Rubber bushes
  • Cardboard/Plywood/Mica sheets

The machinery required for the Aluminium Fabrication factory

  • Drilling machine
  • Heavy-duty cut off machine
  • Electrical portable drill
  • Anodizing machine with rectifier
  • Buffing machine with motor
  • Double-ended bench grinder
  • Coolant and boiler

Marketing tactics for Aluminium Fabrication business

Focus and boost the quality and special features through repeated advertisements, which are provided for the end-user, in context to that particular industry. A company spokesperson can directly ally with customers who are leading in the industry and making offers for bulk purchases could be a good marketing technique that benefits in this area.

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