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'Who Cares about Color' 10th class Girl breaking rule 'beauty is all about white' Kajal Janith from Varkala, Edava

Kajal Janith, a 10th class girl from Varkala, Edava, is breaking the unwritten rule that beauty is all about white, and makeup is that, which applying

Kajal Janith, a 10th class girl from Varkala, Edava, is breaking the unwritten rule that beauty is all about white, and makeup is that, which applying white shade on a black face.

Kajal Janith, Black girl from Varkala, Edava

'Who Cares about Color' 10th class Girl breaking rule 'beauty is all about white' Kajal Janith from Varkala, Edava

Kajal is tired of hearing daily whitening tips from relatives and friends and asks 'Who cares colour?'

We all know that there are still many people in society who are neglected and excluded in the name of skin colour, it's a little hard to imagine that a girl with true-black colour would have to hear how many bad words, if she came to such a place.

And the fact is that racism is not something that can easily be wiped out from society within a month or two or even years. The vast majority of women are discouraged and lose their confidence when they face such discrimination, among such people, Kajal is a different kind of girl who is gaining confidence every day from such neglect.

Kajal Janith: We have a lot to learn from this 10th class girl, the majority of women are worried that their beauty will be ruined if they get a small pimple on their face or slight discolouration.

Kajal has extraordinary confidence to say that "I am proud and enjoy what I am and how I am" is something that many girls in our society still do not have.

Black Pearl of Kerala, Kajal Janith

Colour discrimination does not seem to be leaving our society anytime soon. I'm been aware of its difficulties since I was a kid. - Says Kajal.

Kajal's photoshoot, which portrays the real beauty of a black girl, also challenges the traditional beauty concepts that have been ingrained in the minds of the people of Kerala for decades.

Kajal's cousin Prince was the first to portray Kajal as herself, without applying the unpleasant white coating on her black body. After the pictures went viral, makeup artist Rahul, Le Beaute, Hair, Skin And Makeup approached Kajal and brought her with the natural colour to the camera. "It was a great experience," says Kajal.

Be Confident In Your Own Skin | Makeup By Lebeaute | Kajal

For the shoot, concept by Dr. Aysha Abel, videography by Akhil Suresh, ornaments sponsored by Harees Gold, and costumes courtesy Althea Bridals, and for the next shoot, Jewellery Courtesy Malabar Gold and Diamonds, Costume Courtesy: Thanuz boutique

"Skin tone not defines beauty and there is no cosmetic to get a beauty. The true beauty is person's best inherent qualities of character and mind."

Kajal proudly says, "That photoshoot breaks the stereotype that modeling is forbidden in the name of being dark. I will always have the inspiration and confidence they gave me. And a heartfelt thank you to those who took my pictures."

Kajal Janith Photoshoot

I feel laugh, when I remember about my relatives who told my mother not to wear black clothes, I wonder "how did they see my blackness".

She continues, "when I grow older, I realized that the flaws in other people's perspectives should not be allowed to affect our happiness. Colour, gender, and caste discriminations expose the narrow mindedness of our society."

Kajal has clear interests and opinions on everything from studies and work to social issues.

I have been studying wrestling for 7 years, it's something that gives me joy and confidence. There is a lot of love and respect for my coach Satish in it. The next thing I like is the food, I am a person who enjoys food well, as well as cooking. I want to do a job that gives pleasure to the mind after education. The first position is to become a chef. Watching movies is another hobby, likes vehicles, it’s everything from bicycles.

Individualism, independence, and political views are not something that should happen overnight at the age of 18, says Kajal. Everyone needs to identify and understand them on their own at each stage of growth. I am not someone who has lived only through favourable conditions. Although not a lot of experience, an individual must learn to live as a girl and not depend on others for their interests, and I try my best to do that. Along with high school education, there should be small-scale job training and opportunities to do small jobs in our country as well." - she added.

Kerala Trending Photoshoot, Kajal Janith

There are some things I want to change in society, one of them is about mental health. The mind also gets sick just like the body, one that needs to be treated and cured. But we, who still think of ourselves as a civilized society, are turning our backs on mental health treatment, the patient is completely ignored. They show the same attitude even to their family members. I want to do the least I can to change this, says Kajal.

Reading a book is a habit I want to make myself and have not yet implemented. Reading the first book is in this lockdown was about "Nadia Murad". It shocked me that it was not happening in the old days, and how valuable and responsible the freedom we enjoy is.

Mine is a joint family of nine, they are the ones who support me to face any situations, to grow without the walls of the "don't do's"

There were lots of comments that appeared on my photo, which was posted by Arun Vijay, both good and bad, looking forward to everything as it is. - she added.

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