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Kerala: All party meeting expresses satisfaction on Governments Covid-19 mitigation efforts.

Chief Minister, Shri Pinarayi Vijayan today organised an all-party meeting to apprise the leaders of all the major political parties in Kerala about t

Thiruvananthapuram, May 27: Chief Minister, Shri Pinarayi Vijayan today organised an all-party meeting to apprise the leaders of all the major political parties in Kerala about the Government's Covid preventive measures and the steps being taken the Government to manage the pandemic.

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Kerala: All party meeting expresses satisfaction on Governments Covid-19 mitigation efforts.

Briefing the media, the Chief Minister said, "As our preventive measures move into the next phase, I had an online meeting with the leaders of all political parties in the State. The leaders at the all-party meeting have expressed their satisfaction on the Government's Covid mitigation efforts so far. They have also offered their support for the measures being taken by the government. The leaders were of the opinion that the people, the government and the local self-government bodies should come together in the present situation in fighting the pandemic. The leaders have put forth a lot of valuable suggestions and the government will examine them seriously. Everyone agreed that we have to be more careful and cautious as more and more of our people from other countries and states are coming back to Kerala."

The meeting stressed on the importance of home quarantine and how those in quarantine are expected to strictly follow the quarantine instructions. The public, neighbours and the police will have to be vigilant to check if they are violating the quarantine. "The State is willing to receive anyone who comes back but if they come without prior information and don't follow the quarantine properly, our efforts to contain the spread of the virus will be negated", the CM added.

The CM also commented that there seems to be some misunderstanding on the Pravasies bearing the expenses for the institutional quarantine. The paid quarantine facility is only for those who can afford it. The poor will not face any hardship. The Government Order in this regard would have all the details. This issue was also raised by the various party representatives during the all-party meeting.

The Chief Minister also announced that Kerala has no objection in chartered flights coming to the State from other countries as long as prior intimation is given. Any reports, on the contrary, are totally baseless. If the information is given in advance, we will make the necessary arrangement here", he added.

May 31 Sunday to be observed as full cleanup day

In an effort to prevent the rainy season diseases with the onset of monsoon, the Chief Minister today announced that next Sunday (May 31) will be a cleanup day across the state. The decision to observe this cleaning day was taken up based on the suggestions in the all-party meeting.

"Sundays are now a complete lockdown day in the state but the next Sunday, everyone should clean their house and their surrounding area. The public places will be cleaned by the LSG bodies. This would avoid all possible conditions for the spread of disease. I request the support and cooperation of all parties and organizations in this cleaning activity. If people can come together, we can overcome this situation. The government has called up each party to make a special effort to educate the public to comply with the stipulations for preventing the spread of disease. The government is happy that everyone has accepted it", said the CM.

Besides the leader of the opposition, Shri Ramesh Chennithala, about 15 leaders of different political parties attended the video conference meeting.

Kerala Covid-19 Tracker
40 new cases & 10 recoveries today, total 445 patients under treatment

13 new hotspots, total 81

Thiruvananthapuram, May 27: Chief Minister, Shri Pinarayi Vijayan informed that 40 new cases of Covid-19 were confirmed in Kerala today. Ten persons in Kasargod district, eight from Palakkad district, seven in Alappuzha districts, four in Kollam district, three each from Pathanamthitta and Wayanad districts, two each in Kozhikode and Ernakulam districts and one from Kannur district, are those who tested positive with the disease.

Of the newly confirmed cases, 28 persons have returned from other States (Maharashtra-16, Tamil Nadu-5, Delhi-3, Andhra Pradesh-1, Telangana-1, Karnataka-1 & Uttar Pradesh-1) while nine have come back from overseas (UAE-5, Saudi Arabia-2, Qatar-1 & UK-1). Three have contracted the disease locally.

At the same time, 10 patients under treatment for Coronavirus have tested negative today. Six patients in Malappuram district, two from Kasargod district, and one each in Alappuzha and Wayanad districts are those who recovered of the infection. The total number of confirmed cases of Covid-19 in Kerala so far is 1,004 and 445 patients are now under treatment in different hospitals.

The Chief Minister also expressed his condolences to the grieving families of the 173 Keralites (till May 26) outside the State who lost their lives due to Coronavirus.

As of today, there are 1,07,832 people under observation in the State. Of these, 1,06,940 are under surveillance at their homes or institutional quarantine centres and 892 are isolated in hospitals. 229 persons were hospitalised today.

So far, 58,866 samples have been sent for testing and 56,558 samples have been confirmed with no infection. As part of sentinel surveillance of high-risk category people, 9,095 samples were tested separately and out of these, 8,541 samples have tested negative.

13 new places were declared as hotspots today - ten places in Palakkad district and three in Thiruvananthapuram district. Now there are 81 hotspots in the State.

Till now 1,05,368 people have arrived in Kerala from foreign countries and other States by various means - 9,416 through airports, 1,621 through the seaport, 5,363 through railway station and 88,968 through border check posts.

Source: GoK Direct

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