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Different Types of Fishing Methods, Traditional and Commercial Techniques

Before the advent of mobile phones and smartphones, fishing was the main time pass for people in many places across the world. Compared to old age fis

Before the advent of mobile phones and smartphones, fishing was the main time pass for people in many places across the world. Compared to old age fishing, there have been many changes happening in fishing methods and fishing trends.

Fishing Methods pixabay

Fishing Methods

Different Types of Fishing Methods, Traditional and Commercial Techniques

Fishing in the river and the sea is a sweet old-time memory for many, before the advent of mobile phones and smartphones, fishing was the main time pass for people in many places across the world. And also some people go out fishing with their friends to spend time with them.

Compared to old age fishing, there have been many changes happening in fishing methods and fishing trends. In those days, small-scale fishing was practiced, but nowadays large-scale fishing is widely using all over the world for recreational, personal, and industrial purposes.

Every day, a lot of new people stepping into a variety of different fishing methods, from Bait Fishing, Seine fishing to Bow and arrow fishing, and Gun fishing, etc. While lockdowns are caused by the coronavirus in every part of the world, many people are tired of constantly using mobile gadgets and video games are no less accustomed to fishing.

However, many are unaware of popular fishing methods around the world and what they are. In this article, BizGlob focuses on the same topic. There are many different types of fishing methods around the world. Let's see what they are.

Different Types of Fishing Methods:

  1. Gillnetting
  2. Longline fishing
  3. Trawling
  4. Troll fishing
  5. Seine fishing
  6. Bottom trawling
  7. Fly fishing
  8. Fishing net
  9. Angling fishing
  10. Handline fishing
  11. Bottom fishing
  12. Cyanide fishing
  13. Bow and Arrow fishing
  14. Gun fishing


Gillnetting, Fishing Method msc.org

Gillnetting: Fishing Method

Gillnetting is a fishing method that uses gillnets: vertical panels of netting that. Fish may be caught by gillnets in three ways: Wedged – held by the mesh around the body.

There are two main types of gillnets:

  1. Drift Gill Net method
  2. Set Gill Net method.

Large vertical panels of netting are placed in the water, hanging from a line with regularly spaced floaters that hold the line on the surface of the water. In this method of fishing, a fish gets trapped in one of three ways:

  1. Fishes can be wedged: when the net/mesh holds them around the body
  2. Gilled: when mesh/net slips beyond gills of the fishes, so that, they can't swim back.
  3. Tangled by fins or teeth: when the gill net holds them around their fins or their teeth get stuck in the net.

Longline Fishing

Longline Fishing method, technique YouTube

Longline Fishing Method

Longline fishing also known as longlining is a commercial fishing technique. In longline fishing, fishermen use a long line, called the mainline, with baited hooks attached in an interval like its branches called snoods. Snood is a short line, one end is attached to the mainline and the other end with the hook, using a clip or swivel, to catch more than one fish at a time.

Trawling Fishing

Trawling Fishing method, technique msc.org

Trawling Fishing Method

Trawling is a method of fishing, uses a net called trawl, to catch fish from the water. This method involves pulling a fishing net through the water behind one or more boats. Trawling uses for commercial fisheries. This method allows catching different species of fish on the same net or trawl, so commercial trawlers do trawl in places where there are more of the same fish.

Troll Fishing

Troll Fishing method, technique BoatUS

Troll Fishing Technique

Trolling is another method of using one or more fishing lines that involve a rod, reel, and lure baited with lures or baitfish. The baited fishing lines will be in a slowly moving position, maybe attached behind a moving boat, or by slowly winding the line in when fishing from a static position. Trolling is typically done by recreational fishermen.

Seine Fishing

Seine Fishing method, technique agritech

Seine Fishing Method

Seine fishing also known 'as seine-haul fishing' or SAYN, is a method of fishing using a large fishing net called 'seine.' The seine hangs vertically in the water, its bottom edge attached with weights, and top edge buoyed by floats, to keep them vertically in the water. Seine nets can be used at the shore as a beach seine, or from a boat, when it deploying from boats, seine nets are known as seiners.

Bottom Trawling

Bottom Trawling method, technique rappler.com

Bottom Trawling

Bottom trawling is a method of fishing using heavily weighted nets, in this method, fishermen drag the heavy fishing net across the seafloor. Bottom trawling is a commercial fishing method because it can catch a huge amount of fish at a single run. According to oceana.org, "Bottom trawling is banned in more than 330,000 square miles of the Pacific islands from Samoa to the Mariana Trench, which are protected as a National Monument. Bottom trawling is banned in more than 500,000 square miles of Atlantic waters surrounding the Canary Islands, Madeira, and the Azores."

Fly Fishing

Fly Fishing method, techniqueLiterary Hub

Fly Fishing

In fly fishing, an artificial lightweight lure imitates a real insect is used to catch fish. This method uses a fly rod, reel, and specialized weighted line, comparing to other methods of fishing, this requires some casting skills. One can try fly fishing in both fresh or saltwater, pond, river, or sea, the fishing techniques differ with habitat changes.

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Fishing Net

Fishing Net method, technique youtube

Fishing Net

Net fishing is another method of fishing, which involves both small and large fishing nets or fish traps, according to the area of fishing. A fishing net is a grid-like structured mesh, formed by knotting a relatively thin thread made of fibers woven. Fishing nets are used both industrially and for domestic purposes, and the grid size may vary on the purpose.

Angling Fishing

Angling Fishing method, technique NT News

Angling Fishing

Angling is a method of fishing utilizing a fishhook, which is usually attached to a fishing line combined with a fishing rod. In this fishing method, fishermen are also known as an angler. An angler usually fishing with a rod, fishing line, and a hook, the modern fishing, rods come up with a fishing reel attached to it, which functions as a mechanism to help cast and retrieve the hook and line easily.

Handline Fishing

Handline Fishing method, technique Hideaway Beach Maldives

Handline Fishing

Handline fishing, or handlining, s a fishing technique, uses a single fishing line, one end attached with a baited hook, another end is held in the hands. In this method, usually, the baited hook fell under the water in a moving position to attract the fish. As it is a handheld fishing method, you can feel the power of fish underwater. For handlining fishing, all you need is a line, a hook, a sinker, and the bait.

Bottom Fishing

Bottom Fishing method, technique NOAA Fisheries

Bottom Fishing

Bottom fishing is one of the most common ways of fishing techniques in the world, which is used to catch fish found near the seafloor. In bottom fishing, the baited line is usually attached by a piece of lead, commonly known as a sinker to hold the baited hook on the seafloor.

Cyanide Fishing

Cyanide Fishing method, technique Awesome Ocean

Cyanide Fishing

Cyanide fishing is a fishing method commonly used for collecting live fish for use in aquariums. In this method, the fishermen spray a mixture of sodium cyanide into the fish's habitat to stun the fish. Around 70% of our aquarium fishes are captured using Cyanide fishing, this hurts not only the target population but also many other marine organisms, including coral and coral reefs. This practice is illegal in many countries but is still a popular fishing method.

Bow and Arrow Fishing

Bow and Arrow Fishing method, technique MedPharmRes

Bow and Arrow Fishing

Bowfishing is a method of fishing using specialized archery equipment such as bows and arrows, to shoot and retrieve fish. In this technique, the fish are shot with an arrow tied to a string. Bow fishing is also a good practice for those interested in archery to increase their focus and accuracy.

Gun Fishing

Gun Fishing method, technique youtube

Gun Fishing

Like bow fishing, gun fishing is a shooting method of fishing. In this method, fishermen use a speargun, an underwater fishing device to catch the fish. There are two basic types of speargun are available, pneumatic and elastic. Spearfishing is illegal in many countries while some regions are allowed recreational spearfishing with a license.

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