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Lives in blue; 'Harry Adams' mesmerizing portraits with ballpoint pens

In his own words, 'Living in a blue world of my own creations,' yes but he is not just living, Harry Adams of @heyadams_art creates 'lives' on paper using blue ballpoint pens, or rather say lives in blue.

Harry Adams
 Ballpoint pen artwork

Lives in blue; 'Harry Adams' creates mesmerizing portraits with ballpoint pens

Drawing is an art that requires great skill, time, effort, and dedication. If there are any mistakes in the pencil drawing, it can be erased. When something goes wrong in the middle of a drawing with a ballpoint pen, you will have to re-draw it from the scratch. This means, drawing with a pen requires an extraordinary skill compared to pencil drawings.

Despite this challenge, the ability to draw mind-blowing pictures using ballpoint pens in a way it beats digital photography, it cannot be possible to ignore them without appreciation.

These paintings by 'Heyadams Art' using only ballpoint pens will amaze everyone. We can see so much subtlety in each of these portraits.

Here you can see the beautiful pictures drawn by Heyadams Art.

Azure Deity, Ballpoint pen artwork 'Azure Deity' Ballpoint pen

Pen drawing of Marcus finix from Gears Of War Pen drawing of Marcus finix from Gears Of War. What's your favourite game?

Game of Thrones, ballpoint pen artwork 'GOT ART' Finally! the long anticipated, and best series movie of all time is back!.

Gal Gadot, ballpoint pen drawing (Gal Gadot) 100% completion Ball pen artwork

Harry Adams ballpoint pen drawing Artist: Harry Adams Duration: 100hrs

Michelle's Ntalami's artwork, ballpoint pen Title - Michelle's Ntalami's Vision . (nzuri) Artist: Harry Adams

Ballpoint artwork Ballpoint pen on paper 22 x 30cm

Ballpoint drawing After the time and precision rendered on this work, it's finally done. I'm truly satisfied at the final result. I thank God for yet another completed clean job, to be honest drawing with ink is highly risky, no room for error s or spilled ink on paper.

Tranquility ballpoint pen ink artwork 'Tranquility' (submerge I) series, Dimension: 12"x15"inches, Medium: ballpoint pen ink. This is my first installment under the series work 'submerge', creating this piece I had to flex every will of patience to maintain an even level of accuracy in tones and layers of shades applied to produce a good value.

ballpoint pen drawing work I did of recent using only a purple colored ballpoint pen on paper, it's practically my first time using such an unorthodox color

Harry is not creating artworks in blue, he also creates amazing colour portraits using coloured ballpoint pens. "When creating art with art with ball-pens you have no choice but to exercise a maximum level of patience in other to achieve the right effects and value" - Harry says.

Nicki Minaj ballpoint pen artwork This is ultimately my first artwork I have done using a colored ballpoint pen. A drawing of the queen of rap Nicki Minaj

Dilia Martins ballpoint pen artwork I did of Dilia Martins using only colored ballpens on paper. When creating art with ballpens you have no choice but to exercise maximum level of patience in other to achieve the right effects and value.

Amazing ballpoint pen artwork I did this using only a colored ballpoint pens as you may know me with, (signature technique) for a kpop fan.

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