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Amal Sanal: Who Transforms Weird ‘Litters’ Into ‘Glitters’

Amal Sanal is well-known as the ‘Recycling Artist’, a 25-year-old Hotel Management Graduate from Kerala, since 2015. Who is engaged in the area of ‘Arts and Crafts’ have always been his passion.

Amal Sanal is well-known as the ‘Recycling Artist’, a 25-year-old Hotel Management Graduate from Kerala, since 2015. Who is engaged in the area of ‘Arts and Crafts’ have always been his passion.

Amal Sanal Recycling Artist from Kerala

Amal Sanal: Who Transforms Weird ‘Litters’ Into ‘Glitters’

Meet Amal a 25-year-old Hotel Management graduate from Kerala. Who would love to introduce himself as a recycling artist, doing some weird things like turning out the small waste materials into fine products.

He says "Weird things aren't what I define it for myself, that's was the feedback that I always used to receive from the people around me".

As a rebellious character, Amal does what he been opposed. In fact, he loves doing things that give him happiness and satisfaction.

Amal's journey into crafting started in 2015 when he was at Bangalore for his industrial exposure training. He was gifted with a mini sewing machine from friends on his birthday since they found he making doormat and other stuff out of an old saree, which he found at the room during the shifting. That was the point where he got his first appreciation by my roommates.

At the time he had the mini sewing machine; I didn't even know the ABCD of stitching - Amal says. Later he learned how to operate the machine and stitching techniques from youtube, and sewed a side bag with zipper out of his old jeans, which was the great thing that he did ever, he added.

Amal says I was a useless fellow when it came to social media. Although I uploaded the images and got a huge appreciation.

Even though he wasn't that good in painting, he applied fabric paints on a side bag which he made from his old black trouser with few patterns of circles, "but it really came out really pretty" he added. He gifted the 1st two bags that he made to his besties and they were really so amazed to know that he had the calibre to do all these things.

Later on, Amal started selling it through his Facebook profile. In Bangalore, there were people who used to courier him their old clothes such as tops and shirts, he turns them into the bag and couriers them back, at this point, he started having an extra income.

Later he came back to Kerala and started to do these stuff along with his job.

At Kerala, he went to a friend's home and found something which looked like a spider web inside a ring. I asked him and he replied to its Dreamcatcher. He told me its very difficult to make and all. But the beauty of dreamcatchers made me make it on my own. I tried it since it needs a lot of patience and I made it. The 1st attempt gave me the best results. I just uploaded a single pic and I got orders from all over the world since my rates were reasonable Amal said to Global Trends.

Now he sold nearly 350+ dreamcatchers to date and used to make it in the customized pattern as to how his customers wanted. Amal created a Facebook page and an Instagram business account and named his business as "#Amsham_handmade".

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Bharatanatyam costume out of an old saree... Two sarees, matching threads, an iron box, few picture references and a sewing machine made me sew this costume. I am glad to share the completed images with complete makeup and hairdo. This was quite tough and time taking process and required a lot of patience. A special thanks to my niece who came up with the idea and inspired me in doing this. And yea am sure that now i can take up orders for making these stuffs too 🤩 #bharathanatyam #bharatanatyam #dance #dancer #dancersofinstagram #costume #costumedesign #saree #recycle #upcycled #perfectday #selftrained #classical #classicaldance #classicaldancecostume #bharatanatyamcostume #ornaments #instagood #instadaily #instagram #tiktok #forsale #openfororder #violet #brown #hairdo #braids #handmade #designer #follow

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Amal proudly says that he has repeated customers, and he made about 5 international orders which were a great achievement for him. He also showed interest in jewellery making and some of his jewellery came out really gorgeous. As a recycling artist, Amal is adding recycling products in his ornaments as well.

I was so amazed that an idea of taking online Workshops came into my mind and I started doing online craft workshops and it gave me the best experience I found out that I have a teaching capability too. - Amal added.

I started taking classes for people like students to the people who are of the age of our grandparents too. I started earning some sort of earning out that too, he added.

Amal recently started a youtube channel to upload the tutorials of this stuff.

I thought of making recycled handbags to avoid the usage of plastic which is even being used in the same way it was used before. I have always been so keen towards recycling since there are so many small things that we can add on in our daily life so that we can make recycling to the form of art, he said.

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