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It will be WORSE to 'Break the Chain of Life' than Covid-19; Maitreya Maitreyan

Humanity has survived many pandemics even without any scientific knowledge, yes of course with a heavy price, I have no doubt. But the point is that w

Humanity has survived many pandemics even without any scientific knowledge, yes of course with a heavy price, I have no doubt. But the point is that we survived. Right now we have reached all the continents, including the cold deserts of Antartica.

Maitreya Maitreyan

It will be WORSE to "Break the Chain of Life" than Covid-19; Maitreya Maitreyan

To my fellow human beings: Please share it till it reaches the power centers, the decision makers...

Humanity has survived many pandemics even without any scientific knowledge, yes of course with a heavy price, I have no doubt. But the point is that we survived. Right now we have reached all the continents, including the cold deserts of Antartica.

In 2020 March it is estimated that we have reached 7.8 billion on this planet. In 1920 we were only 1.8 billion, which means that there was a rise of 6 billion in the last hundred years. There never was a time like this before, though 1.3 billion live in extreme poverty with an income of $1.25 and 1.7 billion live with $2.50. The rest relatively leading a comfortable life.

We achieved this because of many reasons like the ability to increase production in agriculture through modern technology, preserve food through processing and packaging and above all through the development of the supply chain of transportation by land, air and water. This supply chain is the backbone on which this 6 billion people came into existence during this last century. This is where the pandemic Corona struck, no I wouldn't say it is Corona who did it but our defence against the pandemic can be summed up in the slogan 'Break the Chain'.

Breaking the chain actually meant to break the transmission chain of the virus but for that we have enforced the lockdown to contain the transmission. Yes, we have been able to put a break in the acceleration of the spreading of the virus but aren't we paying a higher price by breaking the supply chain, which is the artery system of modern life, the sustinence of this increased 6 billion?

There is more to life than death by Corona. It is our scientific knowledge itself that brings this blindness or narrow vision, now we are in a jam, we could die of anything else except by Corona.

For a comparison, just think about TB, it has killed more than 1.5 million and infected 10 million in 2018 (WHO report), then remember there is resistant TB also and TB is spread from person to person through the air. When people with lung TB cough, sneeze or spit, they propel the TB germs into the air. A person needs to inhale only a few of these germs to become infected. But there is no TB pandemic fear now, just because we have the 'knowledge' that there is a cure and only poor die of this disease.

So it is not because Corona kills we are fearful and all this hula bula of catching the disease. Only because the virus spreads to the business class and the immediate knowledge that there is no cure or vaccine.

Yes, I know it spreads fast and can cause traffic jam in the hospital. How we handle traffic jam, by not driving our vehicles and keeping it in the garage? No, we drive by obeying all the traffic rules.

This lockdown for two weeks is an excellent measure as a starter but continuing it is suicidal because we are not only breaking the virus contagion chain but we are actually breaking the supply chain, which is the lifeline of our survival of 7.8 billion people.

Think about this scenario, we are passing through the forest and an elephant attacks. Somehow we all managed to climb a tree, the fellow sitting in the lower branch is guiding us about the whereabouts of the elephant. Once in a while we could hear the trumpet of the mad elephant. If we are going to sit there for long fearing the elephant, we will either die of hunger, thirst or just fall down due to lack of sleep. We need to get down as early as possible and run for our life, we need to address the first need of crossing the forest.

This is the scenario we are now in the case of Corona. Our action of lockdown definitely was the need of the hour like climbing the tree but if our fear and caution keeps us on the tree, we will die otherwise, may not be killed by the elephant.

Extending the lockdown is suicidal because we are breaking our lifeline of supply chain and production of food materials. Now we know how the virus spreads and we can break it's chain by physical distance, washing hands with soap, unnecessarily touching on surfaces which can be avoided and wearing a mask. We also know that Corona is not a killer of the healthy like Smallpox or Cholera but an opportunist attacking the vulnerable and elderly.

We have taught this knowledge clearly to all the people keeping them at home and it is now time to practice this knowledge and live our normal life.

First we need to segregate the vulnerable and elderly who can't afford to quarantine themselves at their own homes. Make sure that adequate measures are taken not to infect an old age home, otherwise we will kill everyone, this is what happened in Europe.

Second we have to release all the young including children to the agricultural fields to produce food as fast as possible. We can ask them to practice the science they learnt, which will put a break to the fastness of spreading of the disease. Yes, some young will need medical attention but we can handle that. Let the young catch it, 1 or 2% will be seriously affected, that much chance we give while giving them a key to a motorcycle. Most will develop immunity like learning to drive, yes, some will die of accident, that is how life proceeds.

Right now we have broken the supply chain of food and it's production, which will be causing more trouble in the near future. We will kill each other fighting over limited resources than be killed by Corona.

We are trapped now by the scientific narrow vision of don't die of Corona. Community medicine experts will only see through that knowledge, so they will never allow lifting of lockdown. Remember we are not trying not to be caught by Corona but to mitigate the speed of infection. We are avoiding the traffic jam in the hospital.

We are now in competition not to catch it, brag about how we handled this situation, like cricket score everyday we are expectantly looking to see the other country's score rise and our score to go down. This is foolish and suicidal.

The idea of lockdown came from China, they lockdown one of their infected city, not the whole country, we should understand that. Lockdown for two weeks is understandable and bearable for a country but beyond that it is disastrous.

Every day lost at home, we are creating a bloody future where all the narrow territorial, ethenic, racial, religious and tribal sense of 'otherness' increase and erupt.

The young of 16 to 25 years will start getting out in the night and mingle. There is a limit to patience for the young, then this lockdown will become meaningless. You will create a rebellious young. And because they mingle all this advantage of separation through lockdown will be lost.

We humans live together, especially man and woman, by keeping their distance and coming together for few hours. Beyond that they can't tolerate, they will fight, by extending the lockdown you will destroy the family fabric.

The poor will gang together and start thieving, robbing and killing the gated community. You won't be able to travel anywhere, people will kill seeing any strangers. Enough Corona phobia has been created to keep people obey the rules of lockdown. No police will be able to control them and in the end they will have to be shot to control them. So your effort of saving the people from Corona will end by killing them.

Don't make a lawless future by trying to save humanity. The immediate need is getting the young and healthy to produce food as fast as possible. The only food available without cultivation will be fish, nothing more. So waiting uselessly at home is no solution, you are creating a miserable future which none of you can undo. Don't play gods saving humanity, in reality you are creating a lawless, miserable future.

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