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Adrian McDonald: Philosophical Photographer, Writer, Film Director Biography

Adrian is an award-winning, internationally published fine arts and wedding photographer. His work has been featured at the Louvre, published by Huffington Post, Yahoo, Vogue Italia Online, and numerous media houses. His vision is to create artistically inclined images with personalized emotional resonance; such will ensure his work is not only seen but also felt.

Adrian McDonald, Philosophical Photographer, Writer, Film Director

Adrian McDonald Philosophical Photographer

Adrian McDonald: Philosophical Photographer, Writer, Film Director Biography

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Dear God, this body is a disaster and I'm anchored in a flesh too heavy to bear its own burden. I have died a thousand deaths since birth and sometimes this life feels like a graveyard of anticipations buried with suffering. But you cannot teach a thing that was born dying not to fear death, when the only life it knows is temporary. Everything it hopes for seems to be haunted by sorrow. That is the horror of this body, and it is madly in love with this sinful life. I'm not a lover of this place, for I was born enslaved to a thing I had no choice in. The world hangs from this strained necked, hoping for it to break, yet it expects a postured stance. Sometimes the flesh mocks me when it is ripe with pain, hoping to pluck anger from my soul. It laughs in tongues dipped in silence. It staggers through days and curses eternity for its limited time. But I rejoice as the years collapse on each other before me. When these eyes go blind I shall gain sight in another life. When the last breath is drawn I shall breathe eternity. And when this body is buried, I hope it makes peace with the earth it so long resisted. Model @_estafan #poetrylovers #poetryislife #jamaica #jamaicanphotographer #newyork #lovestories #photographyideas #art

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